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Keds Tennis Shoes (5/1/17)

I have not heard anything from anyone from my complaint. Please let me know status? It is marked like my gripe was resolved, nothing has been resolved I haven't even been contacted.  View Gripe »

keds tennis shoes (4/27/17)

bought a pair of shoes for my granddaughter in TN, returned them at the Greenville, SC store and they me the higher price not the half off pair I got, then turned around a bought another style a little less money not much difference though. Last night I tried to take the new pair back just because she has a very odd foot and they don't fit. They problem is that they were going to give the half off price refund to me. That is NOT what I paid but when I exchanged the first time they ran all on one ticket so it shows that I paid half price, NO I DIDN'T. Needless to say I was frustrated so I told the manager I would contact someone else and left. The problem is that she didn't realize someone was with me and didn't realize for a second that I was leaving so the MANAGER was not talking very nice about me! "CUSTOMER" I don't want to ever go back in that store but I do want my full refund not the half off price! Thank you very much!  View Gripe »

Service (9/21/15)

Ordered shoes from the Troutdale Oregon store on 09/09/15. The shoes were not delivered. When we contacted the store directly, we were advised the order had been cancelled, but they were unable to advise by whom or why. I then contacted the on-line live chat "customer care specialist" (by the way this is clearly a misnomer as they clearly are not there to take care of customers" and after almost 1 hour received a reference number that I was advised would tell me in 1-2 days if the company would reinitiate the order or refund my money. Clearly NOT ACCEPTABLE method of doing business. Charlene B on online care is clearly not very good at her job - and has a very limited understanding of customer service (and she's a Senior, can't image what a new agent must be like). We were advised we could always return to the store - so the customer can be inconvenienced so the company is not> Makes one wonder if this is a new profit center for them. Undelivered product, no refund.  View Gripe »