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lost a customer (7/21/15)

I have endured this Quiznos through the inept service, thinking the girl behind the counter was trying. I have endured them running out of soup, cheese, bacon, . even some of the meat for the sandwiches. Tonight, I was running late and in a hurry, I got there a few minutes before closing time. Lights were still on, the doors were still open, the sign in the window was still on, and the clock behind the counter said I still had 5 minutes. The woman behind the counter as I walked rudely snapped “we’re closed, so I am not going to make your sandwich”. Really Quiznos? You just lost yourself a customer!  View Gripe »

poor management (7/20/15)

normally i don’t complain about restaurants or food handlers but this is an unusual situation…at a luncheon near your quiznos franchise in temecula, calif at the vail ranch plaza…our host bought quiznos sandwiches for 8 people. when the food was served the odor of typical restaurant poor cleanliness was apparent. no one mentioned this , of course, but later that evening i was struck with a big case of “dia”….usually i purchase sandwiches from subway…never have i encountered any evidence of lack of cleanliness…it is to your advantage to correct such a problem..it might be poor instruction or lack of proper management…hope you are able to correct this problem….it’s hard for me to switch from subway after this experience.  View Gripe »

Poor customer service (7/19/15)

Quiznos at 10123 NE Cascades Pkwy Portland Oregon 97220 owned/managed by Dave Bertelo & his rude employee Jessica The afternoon of March 8th 2012 my brother & i went to this Quiznos after i picked him up from the PDX airport where he works. Right by there is Cascade Parkway & we had a coupon so we thought we would try them out since we have gone to other Quiznos & enjoyed there sandwiches. I was given a cup for water-maybe 8-12ounces & next to the fountain drinks was a big plastic jug with ice in it & what looked to be some sort of lemon water. As we were sitting down JESSICA came up & rudely GRABBED the drink out of my hand!!!! She demanded i pay her $1.59 for this tiny cup that they do NOT SELL! The cup for $1.59 is 22ounces. So i thought i will give her all my loose change which equaled .95cents. So what does JESSICA do? She throws the drink & cup away even after i asked her to please get me water! How cheap & wasteful is that? So i go to the front & ask DAVE BERTELO the…  View Gripe »

Bad customer service (7/12/15)

I ordered a bullet at Quiznos and wanted to have black olives added, the women server refused. The cashier, guy, said no and pointed towards money. I asked him if i can have a name of the owner of the Quiznos and he refused to give it to me. At this point i had already made the payment . I asked him again and he refused. I asked him for my money back and he threw my money on the counter and preceded to call me a– ho– and the woman server said something rude in Spanish which translate to fat pig….pretty sad customer service for Quiznos. Definitely not a good way to treat good customer. I hope the Fairfax City Virginia Quiznos owner reads this and takes some action against his rude employees.  View Gripe »

Frustrated (7/11/15)

I went to the quiznos right across the street from Disneyland on Sunday! I had a coupon with me, as I am a resident of Anaheim. The coupons clearly showed their address as a Quiznos to go to and the website shows they take coupons. After we ordered $35 in food, we were told they don’t take coupons! Where the heck can I talk to a customer service rep? What the hell are they on the list for? Bad business ethics! The coupons would have saved us nearly $10! That is messed up! How do I get in contact with Quiznos? On the website it doesn’t even have a place to contact them! And the receipt has an phone # that directs you to their web address! Stupid! They lost our business! RIP OFFS!  View Gripe »

Immatutre employees (7/10/15)

During my lunch break, I was craving a sandwich and decided to go to subway (like I normally do). However when I got to subway, every single parking spot was taken, so instead of waiting I decided to give quiznos a try. BIG mistake . When I walked in quiznos, there was one customer ordering his sandwich, and I, along with the person who walked in with me, were the only other customers in the store. My very first experience with a quiznos employee was her pointing to the other side of the counter (indicating where I order my sandwich) and saying absolutely nothing. I then walked over to the end of the counter to order. At this point, as if no customers were in the store, the girl who pointed when I walked in began chatting with the other employee who was making a sandwich for the customer in front of me. As soon as they began chatting, the employee making the sandwich all of a sudden ran to the back of the store, and the “pointer” began laughing and saying something about him…  View Gripe »