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Phone: 800-848-1966


4705 South 129th East Avenue
Tulsa, OK 74134
United States

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Category: Gasoline Service Stations
Sub Category: Retail (Grocery & Food)
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Poor Customer Service (4/30/17)

in your store located 6400 east 87th street in Kansas city, Missouri. Employee Ms. Movena/Modeica/ Monica something like that was very rude and unprofessional. trying to serve several customers at the same time. very abrupt and inpatient. around 12:05 p.m. needs more training. She needs to learn the concept of QT's customer service motto. It is one of the main reason why I frequent your establishment. Especially, when they say see you later. makes me fell important and special. She needs to learn to take her time and serve every customer with care and like she really mean it.  View Gripe »

contaminated gas (9/20/14)

Filled up with gas on 7/29/14 at Quick Trip and made it 86 miles before engine would not run. Franchise dealership indicated contaminated gas - blew out all spark plugs and coil packs, dealer drained fuel tank and cleaned fuel system. Submitted a claim to Quick Trip Corporate on 8/7/14 and have never received any response to my incident - so much for "Quick" and "Guaranteed Gas" .  View Gripe »