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Online and Content Creation Tools (1/14/16)

Neil Patel, owner of QuickSprout, a content marketing consultancy site, offers free tools for its visitors. I wanted to access a website benchmarking tool he promoted. Once there, you are asked for access to your Google Analytics, forced to recommend Neil Patel and the tool on social media channels and the report you needed never comes. I emailed Neil several times, he responded, and after recommending I visit other tool sites like Moz to get my information, he finally admitted the report won´t be something he could deliver for months. But too late...he has made you give him your Google Analytics information, you have put your name on the line recommending this scam to your social circles and unless you complain, you will simply never an answer about the missing report. It´s a SCAM and information stealing site.  View Gripe »