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CLA Saafflower Oil (7/1/16)

I ordered three bottles of the product from the web site with Gwen Staffani et al. I chose 3 bottles for $33.00 with free delivery. You charges my account $198.00 on June 27, 2016 and another charge if $5.94 the same day. The $198.00 is excessive and not what I expected and what is the deal with the $5.94 charge. So far I have not received the product, and am waiting for clarification on this matter. I am not willing to spend $198.00 on the product. Patricia McKenna patmck@charter.net  View Gripe »

CLA Safflower (6/17/15)

While trying to place an order for 1 bottle and 1 free as the link from the Dr OZ show (sent to me by a friend) I was given an initial price of $48 for 2 bottles, I would get a pop up for 19.99, then one for 36.00, etc. When I would click on a pop up, I would loss my information. Anyway, the final cost was 68.95 for ONE bottle. I was given 4 different phone numbers. When I finally reached a supervisor, he said they have different prices and promotions going on all the time, and he would not lower the price OR give me my free bottle that was promised in the link. BEWARE!  View Gripe »