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Carnival House, 100 Harbour Parade
Southampton, Hampshire SO15 1ST
United Kingdom

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Category: Deep Sea Passenger Transportation, Except Ferry
Sub Category: Transportation (Boat, Railroad)
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Travel via ferry (6/29/15)

I called and I called and got no answer. My phone records show this and we were stranded by the roadside. A guy called Ross answered first time and agreed that the 163 quid was excessive! Your own rep said it was out of order! Never answered the phone again after knowing that we are stranded in Germany with a breakdown. On way to Armed Forces day in the UK. Direct Ferries even shitier service. They also answered phone once then never again. A 282 pound booking cost is 164 quid to move to the next day with no option to pay 20 quid to be able to move again if needed. Absolute daylight robbery. Not answering the phone is the worst way to treat a customer. No way of emailing either company with details and photos to prove we had broken down. Utter contempt is the way they treat customers. I will NEVER us these companies again. Never. What a way to treat a Veteran and his Family. Absolutely disgusted.  View Gripe »

Trip on Azura - 1st May from Southampton (6/26/15)

I object to the fact that no compensation has been offered to those on trip whose toilets were blocked and the bathroom floor wet - as one passenger put it "Not with water" we were lucky not to be ill - I walk on crutches with rubber bottoms and was frightened they would slip and I would be left sitting on the wet floor. In my letter of complaint I said I would never cruise again and the only thing offered was 25% off my next cruise!!  View Gripe »