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Napa almond chicken salad - store 0749 4/9/17 (4/15/17)

(Rochester Hills MI) I ordered u-pick-2 w/ napa chicken salad sandwich+soup. I had to lift the top bread off to find the chicken salad... saw two bites of chicken salad w/ 2.5 grapes, a few bits of chicken, & 1 almond sliver- all fit w/i the footprint of a slice of tomato. Manager "Drew" was rude. I asked for a refund via online complaint form. "Joey" at customer service said he needed a receipt to provide a refund. I sent a photo of the receipt. He then said he could not provide a refund because I paid cash...never again with I eat at Panera.  View Gripe »

Greek salad (4/7/17)

Plainsboro - no olives no real onions- pickled? Puleeeze! Hardly any cheese and no taste. Sandwiches are now microscopic in size. Used to be my favorite place but I will never waste my money there again.  View Gripe »

Coffee (3/25/17)

Ran out of light roast, asked 2 different employees when there would be coffee. They both said let me check but neither returned. I waited 12 minutes and left. This was the second time this happened at the location in Pace, Florida.  View Gripe »

seating area (2/23/17)

Store in Brooklyn Center Mn very often has DIRTY tables and coffee spills on counter...employees are not. Friendly just want your order fast and move on.......SAD. Some Employees are loud and can hear their gripes Thanks Ellen 763 533 6385  View Gripe »

Customer service at counter (1/22/17)

Rude, patronizing but good ok  View Gripe »

prices (1/9/17)

stopped at panera's in teays valley west virginia today. was going to order the chicken tortilla broth bowl but when i saw the price i ordered coffee only. far to expensive. i've made a lot of homemade broth and soups and know what it costs and find this price stupid prohibitive. i don't think i'll purchase anything other than coffee from panera's.  View Gripe »

Meal in restaurant (11/3/16)

Restaurant in garden city in Cranston,ri. Mix-up with meal, when fixed did not receive full order, soup was lukewarm not hot.  View Gripe »

Breakfast (8/28/16)

My girlfriend and I patiently waited in line for breakfast this morning. We were aware that breakfast ended at 11am but clearly made it inside well before. Due to their extremely inefficient service, by the time we had made it to the register, it was past 11 and the cashier said there was nothing that could be done because the food was "taken away."  View Gripe »

product (1/9/16)

Yesterday my sister and I had lunch at your Brighton, Michigan store located in the Brighton Mall. While the service was adequate, your pricing was ridculous for what we had. We each had a small cup of your turkey chili which was WAY too spicey and a half grilled cheese sandwich which had one piece of cheese on it. This was from your "you pick two menu". Total cost was $18.61. Outrageously expensive. The previous day we had lunch at a very nice local restaurant and shared a filet wrap with home made onion rings and with tip our bill was a few pennies under $16.00. It was an outstandingly delicious lunch. Your lunch was not worth the price. Customer # 72303  View Gripe »

Soup bar code 77958 69030 (1/6/16)

Columbus,Ohio , prepared according to directions , gave to my Mother who loves Lobster Bisque but this time she stated that this soup is horrible . I thought maybe she just doesn't want any . I didn't want to waste it so I made a bowl for myself and wasn't bad didn't taste as good as I'm use to had 3 soup spoons full then became nauseated . to the trash it went ,didn't have the time to return to store. so I'm hoping that you can take care of this problem.  View Gripe »