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Bubble stack ring in gold (1/19/16)

I wanted this ring but it was out of stock so I clicked on notify me when it's back. Pandora then emailed me to say it was back so I went to the shop and the lady was so rude to me. She said that's been discontinued. You can't get it here. So I said but u emailed me to say it was in stock and she said well it's not. You need to go to biscester where all the old stock goes. And sent me on my way. Rude!!!  View Gripe »

Bracelet (1/3/16)

Broken bracelet was suppose to be under 2 yr manufacturer warrenty. Taken to Pandora shop 2 WEEKS after purchase and rejected refund!  View Gripe »

Pandora/Pandora One android app (11/19/15)

I live in Pittsburgh. ....I've contacted pandora over a month ago about the app not working. I open the app.....chose my station and it appears to want to play a song but never does. Just keeps going to the next song after a few seconds and never playing a song. I pay for the Pandora One subscription, which I admit is pretty worthless just to avoid ads. I'm cancelling today. The back and forth emails between myself and Pandora did not resolve the issue and the app still doesn't work. I've now become an iHeart Radio listener and I Love it!  View Gripe »

internet radio (11/17/15)

FIOS service to VIZO smart TV, Pandora stations start/stop/start again; sometimes freeze up w/ no sound and no advance on selection; this happens often, every day, on all chosen stations. Contact w/ Pandora resulted in complex procedures to fix; tried but not successful. Problem persists.  View Gripe »

Free Radio Acct. (7/19/15)

I Have Several Radio Genres Stations On My Pandora Acct. It Used To Give Me The "Options" & Variety Choices To Add Musicians To That Station. However Now It Doesn't Give The "Variety Option" To Choose New Artists To Add To That Station. Only The Options Choice Is Offered Which Covers Different Station Maneuvering Choices. I Need To Be Able To Add Artists To Any Station Choice.  View Gripe »

iOS App (3/18/15)

Recently, Pandora has been using push notifications. Because I, and many others, don't like to have alerts outstanding, this drives us to open the app. It's one thing to do this if you have a legitimate message, but notices about holidays aren't legitimate. WORST OF ALL - you auto play the music. If a user is not on a wireless connection, you immediately start eating into their data plan. I really don't like this update, and I'm thinking about deleting Pandora unless this issue is addressed.  View Gripe »