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Found something in your food at Panda Express? Here's the scoop on everything you need to know about how Panda Express handles customer service feedback on social media.

The types of issues that people complain on social networks for Panda Express are typically related to food quality, interactions with employees, cleanliness, and food prices.

The Panda Express Facebook page is very active and promotional in nature. They do have their Message button activated, which means you can contact them through Facebook chat messenger. However, effectiveness may limited given a very large following.

Panda Express has a company brand Twitter handle which is used for Customer Service, and seems to be quite active.

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Kung pao missing (1/11/17)

I ordered a bowl with kung pao chicken instead of the typical rice or chow mein . What I received was a couple scattered pieces of chicken and a bowl full of Luke warm crunchy veggies. I am greatly disappointed and feel ripped off. I thought the bowl came with an entrée and side what happened to my entrée?  View Gripe »

Teriyaki Chicken (10/21/16)

Ordered fried rice with teriyaki chicken. The chicken was so burnt it couldn't be cut and the rice was undercooked with hard little kernals inside each piece of rice.  View Gripe »

Waiting for food. (5/31/16)

They were out of the entrée that I wanted, so I had to wait. No problem there. But the girl turned around and ordered a new pan of the entrée. The guy working in the kitchen didn't know how to make it, so he just ignored her. After 20 minutes, I asked if it had been made yet, only to discover it had not even been started. Had to wait another 20 minutes before it was done. No apologies even. I was less than happy. Murfreesboro, Tennessee, store number 1919.  View Gripe »

Online Service (4/25/16)

I have used the online service for Panda Express in Redding, CA on multiple occasions. I have stopped using it recently as on three occasions I have ordered and paid for food only to arrive and for staff to tell me they did not have the order available as they were out of it. At the very least, why didn't they call beforehand to inform me?  View Gripe »

food (3/16/16)

me and my famileys were in store to get food we got two iteams for my wife and my daughter karen the sever asked if i wanted another i said not yet then for my son he text me what he wanted i asked karen wanted another she said you didnt want anything is sever wright or paying costermor it maid me mad when she said that in front of my famileys then karen asked me if i paid for food i said no she left all in kitchen and walked away 3\16\16 4;26 pm order #214246 thank you prem gill  View Gripe »

Bad food bad customer service (2/7/16)

Very bad customer service!! Fried rice was not well cooked it was hard I drove back and the "assistant manager" Cristian was not much help he said I'm sorry do u want chow mien instead I can't cook more rice for u!! Oh and I can't replace the 3 shrimps you ate!! I told him ok but what are you gonna do about you're bad food do you at least give out a coupon?? And of course he said no call the 1800 number which I did and it's crap!!! Will never go there again!!!  View Gripe »

to go boxes at #1751 (2/2/16)

the to go boxes are smaller than they were just a couple of weeks ago, is that at all the stores, or just in select stores, and why did you down size. They use to be a good portion, but now with that smaller box it isn't anymore, why didn't you all reduce the price also? It is getting too expensive to eat there already, its better going to a buffet now, we used to dine there at least 2 times a week concerned citizen  View Gripe »

Panda Bowl (2/2/16)

I purchased this item last night. It was full of rice and exactly "7" pieces of string bean chicken. Totally not worth the $ 6.39 it cost. Won't purchase that again - EVER.  View Gripe »

dining in restaurant (4/14/15)

Visited a local Panda Express restaurant and notice all the dining tables were not clean. They told no one available. So I had to clean my own table. Poor customer service., Do they not hire enough employees to clean there restaurants. Smyrna Tn 37167  View Gripe »