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Inverter Microwave Oven (11/30/15)

Why Is Panasonic Making Junk Products?? I have purchased two Panasonic Inverter microwave ovens. The first one lasted only about 3 years, the power button started malfunctioning. Much to my chagrin, my wife purchased another identical oven. It has now just failed with the same problem, the power button has gone out again. We will never purchase another Panasonic product again and will most definitely recommend to everyone to avoid Panasonic. Our purchase is registered with Panasonic. Lee Bunyard  View Gripe »

LED 32 (10/14/15)

Dear All, I'm purchased the Panasonic LED 32" after 4 months problems happens not display any things contact the customer care after the repair & send back , repeated issue after take the LED workshop but still no solved the problems min weeks in normal repair if take the workshop no time frame even service center as well as RSM m Service head , manager workshop no response many times escalate deptt.,, the problems customer care even still problems not solve .... how to say the product is good and we provide the local manufacturing and service support.. all claims failed .. customer not happy ... customer may be fool ..... can suggest how will be action customer due ...? with regards Manoj  View Gripe »

Lumix FZ60 (9/17/15)

Hello, Panasonic! My name is Ruslan, I'm from Ukraine. I have a question to You and to Your warranty service you supposedly provide for "international guarantees". So in January of 2015, while in the UAE(Dubai) I purchased a digital camera FZ 60 branded stores Panasonic(Showroom) in the Dubai Mall. Sellers assured me that this camera is under international warranty and I don't need to worry. the warranty was one of the reasons I decided to buy this camera esteemed company. Less than six months, as this camera has broken(not included ON button not only that my holiday in Spain was ruined by the fact that supposedly reliable product broke, so in addition I was disappointed by the fact that I was denied warranty repair avariciousness Panasonic service in Ukraine(Lajos Gavro str., #1, Kyiv, Ukraine), citing the fact that Ukraine is not covered by this warranty. How so? So I as a user have been cheated by the company Panasonic? Tell me how I can solve this issue?  View Gripe »

Panasonic microwave - model NN-CT585S (9/17/15)

My 2yo Panasonic microwave leaked radiation so British Gas who supply maintenance service on kitchen appliances binned it and provided a new model free(to me) under their scheme. Installed by BG on 24/07/2015 it lasted 7 weeks and broke down last week. I've been trying to get help ever since. BG wont touch it as it's under guarantee and advised I contact Panasonic service centre. But they demand proof of purchase (receipt) and that it's under guarantee! I can not provide that paperwork as BG (associate company) bought it. They emailed me a copy of that sales invoice as being paid with myself as recipient. but not a chance. The wretched service centre is adamant - I must prove I own it and that it's under guarantee. 6 times I've tried to get company co-operation but no chance. So what do I do to get this company to repair their duff product? J Davies  View Gripe »

Microwave (8/30/15)

We finally purchased a nice expensive microwave and I was so proud of if until it just totally died after 1 1/2 months. We called and called, ended up in eternal loops on the phone. When we finally reached a person, after over 4 hours of trying, they told us to wrap it up and sh it to Texas, all the way from MN! I did not have the original packing. It would not make it intact. Finally they told us about a local repair shop. 1 month later the shop is still trying to deal with Panasonic and get the parts. I am onmywY to go buy a cheap microwave to replace the "nice" one we seem to have lost. Not only was the appliance disappointing but customer service is a joke. Seems to be programmed to make a person give up. I have told everyone I know about my experience and will never deal with this company again. Customer service should not be created to defeat customers, nor should it be impossible to get parts when something breaks. Totally disgusted!  View Gripe »

SC-BTT490 Servicing (1/28/15)

Device stopped playing discs, called 800# was told to ship it in & I would get a call w/ an estimate. A week went by, no call. I called again, was told the service center mailed the estimate. $140+ shipping & tax for labor, no description of the issue. Faxed it back with CC info,800# couldn't confirm receipt. Player returned 2 weeks later, not working. Sent it back more calls, more lies, two months passed, received it today, damaged due to poor packaging. Need to sent back again.  View Gripe »