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One Procter & Gamble Plaza
Cincinatti, OH 45202
United States

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Category: Sanitary Paper Products
Sub Category: Paper/Forest Products

Social Customer Service Details

Is your little one’s new diapers making him cranky? Here’s how Pampers uses social media to engage with unsatisfied customers online.

The types of issues that people complain on social networks for Pampers are typically related to product malfunction, faulty coupon codes, and incorrect online orders.

Pampers’ Facebook page is used to promote the brand’s products and generally posts content about baby care. The page is also used for community engagement, with regular contests and polls to make sure the audience feels included. Some customer service occurs here, as the account responds to unsatisfied customers in the comments and has its message feature activated.

Pampers also has a
Twitter handle which is used for promotions however also handles a great deal of customer service. The admin is great with responding in a timely manner and often provides a phone line or other way to get in contact with a representative.

Pampers lacks a consolidated location on Google Plus at the moment. Have a suggestion for Pampers’ use of social media to interact with unhappy customers? Let us know.
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Pampers Swaddlers (8/16/16)

We have been using Pampers on my 5 month old granddaughter since the day she was born. Since she's been in sz 2, her clothes get soaked through at night...even her bedding. The others didn't do it. What's going on Pampers? We pay ALOT to have PREMIUM diapers and we're getting subpar service. We are thinking of switching to Huggies.  View Gripe »

Pampers Baby Dry Size 3 (1/10/16)

I have been noticing that my daughter will pee 2 times and all of her clothes are soaking wet... I remove the diaper and the diaper is not even soiled but yet my daughters clothes are wet. I spent over 33.00 for pampers I can't use.. How do I request a refund on this defected product  View Gripe »