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Miami, FL 33178
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Category: Radiotelephone Communications
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cell phone (8/27/15)

Long story, the day my minutes ran out i went to put more minutes on my phone, i usely get 2 text messages saying that i have sufficient funds on my phone before i walk out of the store but i didnt get any text messages so i walked right back into the store and my called pageplus to see what the problem was, page plus says well it shows that this number is terminated, we explain what had happened and after about an hour wait pageplus says o we see the problem its on our side please give it 24 hours for all this to clear up. 24 hours went by and nothing, and during this time im useing somebody elses phone, so 2 weeks go by i end up useing all the minutes of this other phone that somebody lent me, it upsets me that i had to use up somebody elses phone when ive paid for my own phone, so i deside to call again just to be put on hold after who noses how many hours i get told sorry for all your troubles and we will fix everything in less then 24 hours. i need more room to Gripe. 7608213034  View Gripe »

phone service (5/5/15)

I've been a customer for about a year now and have had issues with them since day one!! I pay to get unlimited everything but my data ends up always messing up its happen twice so far not to mention the other issues I have had with them  View Gripe »