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Anaheim, CA 92806
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Service! (1/23/17)

If you let your employees act IGNORANT and refuse to sell to people (especially kids!) just because of the shirt they are wearing, then you suck and don't deserve anyone's business!! Stop advocating for and spreading stupidness and hate! Your stuff isn't great enough to allow this, and even if it were-still wouldn't be accepted by America!!  View Gripe »

Customer Service (7/19/16)

Upon entering, we received no greeting from the employees who were playing Pokemon Go. However, we did notice that only customers who walked in who just so happened to be of Caucasian ethnicity were greeted. My significant other and I are not of Caucasian descent, and the evidence points to this being the issue as this has happened on multiple occasions. No help was offered nor were we told about any special promotions or offers. We perceive this as an unfortunate circumstance of discrimination, and did not expect this sort of behavior from any employee in 2016. This occurred on 7/15/2016 between the hours of 6 pm and 8 pm.  View Gripe »

Customer service (6/12/15)

Went in trying to buy a bunch of clothes for a trip and we asked if certain items were on this promotion going on that had signs clearly indicating they were, but one of the employees was unsure so he went to the manager and the manager of the Tukwila Southcenter location questioned us on all the promotions we were asking about and demanded us to prove/show her the sign that said the product was on a promo. I simply said she should know what is on a promo in her store and she walked off mumbling that she knows how to do her job and doesn't need customers telling her how to do it (which clearly she doesn't if she doesn't know what is on a promo in her own store), so we left. The customer service was the worst I've ever experienced and when we returned to the store we overheard her talking bad about us to another employee and then proceeded to be nasty and rude towards us. I will never shop at pacsun ever again in my life which is too bad because I spend a lot of money with this company.  View Gripe »