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Pacific Auto Delivery
405 Porter Way
Milton, WA 98354
United States

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Category: Trucking, Except Local
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Auto Transport (6/1/16)

Incident Date: February 21, 2016 Pick up location: Albany, OR I placed my order to move a car from Oregon to AZ with Car-go Automotive Group in Phoenix AZ. They brokered the move to Pacific Auto Delivery Inc. at 405 Porter Way, Milton WA 98354. My newly acquired car was damaged when Pacific Auto Delivery Inc. lifted the car into the trailer. The driver stated the lift had mechanical problems. Despite repeated phone calls, working with their Insurance RSI Insurance, Synergy Adjusting Corp, and calls to Sergey Kozhevnikov, owner of Pacific, all have refused to pay for repairs. I was informed that Pacific Auto Delivery is in violation of a provision of your insurance policy and they were not covered with insurance at the time of this incident. The Pacific Auto Delivery driver stated had mechanical issues with the lift. The seller’s wife took video and pictures of the car driven on to the lift and being raised too far and crushing the top on to her husband. Pacific Auto…  View Gripe »