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home warranty (7/14/15)

Plan does not provide services detailed in plan. 1.Stove blew up in April, Not operable. Plan waited 3 weeks before paying for a new stove. We had to eat out every meal. 2. In May, air conditioner was not working properly. Heat in the home is 82 degrees most afternoons and evenings. My wife is sick and cant take the heat. 3. Two technicians from Old Republic came out and put Freon in the unit each time as I watched them. Units leak Freon when they are shot; it is 15 years old and both technicians said that was about the life of the unit. One cleaned unit and charged me $129 in that it was not covered. 4. Old Republic sent another technician who said a bigger unit is needed. He told my wife, who has stage 4 terminal cancer, that the existing unit was shot. Of course, Old Republic says that the unit is fine and that they will not pay for it at all. 5. I retained an independent heating and air person who told me the unit needed to be replaced. He showed me the leak.  View Gripe »