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Ojas Enterprises, LLC
87 Taft Ave
Newburgh, NY 12550
United States

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Category: Perfumes & Cosmetics -Toilet Preparations
Sub Category: Beauty Products and Services
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Aloe Vella (7/15/15)

They sent product as a sample for $4.99 and then they took $139.90 out of my account and after confronting them they were suppose to put money back in account but everytime the date comes that they say which is 30 to 40 days when it gets close to that date they then say another number of days. As of today 7/15/15 9am I now am told it is up to 50 days. I am on disability and so I expressed this to them that I can not afford for them to take that kind of money from me but it keeps getting longer and longer. These people have so many excuses.  View Gripe »