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The OfficeMax Facebook page is very active and promotional in nature. They do have their Message button activated, which means you can contact them through Facebook chat messenger. However, effectiveness may be limited given a very large following.

OfficeMax has a company brand Twitter handle which is used for Customer Service, and seems to be quite active.

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No help resloving problem (7/22/15)

Bought a Toshiba laptop w/extended warranty. After 2 weeks it quit working, took it back to the store and my salesman said to send it to the manufacturer at my expense because they only sell products and have nothing to do with them afterward. He would not even look at it. Buy elsewhere and save yourself grief. We waited 'til the manufacturer,s 1 year warranty was up then got it fixed ( bad hard drive )with the other company. No help from OfficeMax.  View Gripe »

Frustrated Customer (7/21/15)

I went to the OfficeMax in San Antonio, TX at Bandera Rd. and Loop 1604 on March 2nd, 2015 at approximately 6:40 p.m.. I was AMAZED at the indifference shown by employees as customers waited in a line without someone at the usual cash register. Somehow the customers were just expected to "Know" to go to the other window where orders are usually picked-up. When I told the woman at that window about the situation she literally took no action to solve the situation. She was completely indifferent. I saw another employee leave out the front door after observing customers in the line without someone manning the cash register. Being a regular at this store I know that the cash register at by the door is the one that is supposed to be used. I have gone there for my ink cartridges and other supplies for the last time. I can understand some glitches in customer service - but indifference is completely inexcusable. I have gone there for my ink cartridges and other supplies for the last time. I…  View Gripe »

Still wating to hear from cusomter service (7/20/15)

In August of 2014, I purchased a printer from Office Max. Four months later, it started displaying manufacture defaults. I contacted the store where I bought it from in May and explained that I lost my receipt, however I did have a receipt for something else I purchased that sameday, so I thought that would help. Contacted Customer Service and explained my dilemma. The agent took my information and said I should receive an email with further information on what to do next. It's now April 15, and I haven't heard from Anyone!  View Gripe »

Rude customer service (7/19/15)

I just spoke to customer service rep Chelsea at this . she was very, very rude and it was office max's error, however she also failed to apologize, but instead tried to place the blame on me, the customer  View Gripe »

Upsetting (7/17/15)

Purchased a new pc @ OfficeMax. Their ad said that they would install Windows 10 for free. They were willing to do that, but the person in charge at the store said they had not done any upgrades/installs of Windows 10 & so, was unfamiliar of the process. I ended up taking the pc home & doing it myself. But, I think if they advertise this service, the company should train their people on how to do it!  View Gripe »

Taking my business elsewear (7/16/15)

I'm a new customer, just opened up am account with your company. I'm a little upset that your company didn't honor a special promotion for Microsoft Office. Your company forgot to ask me about microsoft office during the time of purchase for a computer. At that point your promotion says I can get it for free. Your company refused to honor the promotion when I brought it up. I'm dissapointed that your company you allow your employees not to honor promotions and it shows that you're a company with low standards. At this point I'm conserving closing my account with you and taking my business some where else. But, you have one great employee. His name is Marc Concepcion at your your santa clara office.  View Gripe »

lost a customer (7/15/15)

I'm finished with Office Max. I made a purchase via credit card and when the credit card statement came in it showed a charge for $11.00 more than the receipt from the store for the purchase I made. This is not the first time either - every time I go in there and buy something, the price charged at the register is higher than the shelf tag which shows price. I'm sure the don't need my measly couple of hundred dollars per year, and I don't need their bait-and-switch business tactics any more, either.  View Gripe »

Bad experience (7/12/15)

I have a complaint following the monroeville office max. Last week I went into the store and saw a note that was written about me saying that I could not send pictures to the store in the quantity I had. So I sent over pictures today and was told no one could edit my pictures for me. I have had nothing but horrible experiences with Saran. On top of that Dixie makes excuses for everything wrong Saran does. My brother was killed and I get pictures of him printed for crafts I make in his memory. I can not believe I am being treated like this. I spent a lot of money with this company . So I tested what they said and had a friend send a email asking for pictures to be sized and it was done for them. I feel as though I am being discriminated against. My friend is a lawyer I will have them look into this if this is not handled properly.  View Gripe »

Employeesare untrained on products (7/11/15)

Since this merger a customer cannot order by phone or online. Your customer service people are not trained in your products, how to take an order, how to talk to or deal with people. Get someone that speaks English to answer your phones. Put out the correct phone numbers for the customer to make an order. Your company is now very unpleasant to try and deal with, let alone try to order from. Your changes are unproductive, unpleasant, and very frustrating. I will try to avoid your company in the future.  View Gripe »

Poor customer service (7/10/15)

I ordered a putty-color 4-drawer filing cabinet online. A black filing cabinet was delivered to my front porch instead. Instead of removing the item and delivering the correct one, their only "solution" is to cancel my order, send the delivery company back to pick up the item from my house, and eventually refund my money. Then I would have to reorder and hope for a better outcome. After this experience I doubt that I'll be taking that chance. I've sent emails and gotten 2 identical emails from different customer service representatives that were worded in such a way that it was apparent they only handle "returns," not really replacing bad deliveries. I'm very disappointed in the lack of accommodation.  View Gripe »