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Printer making a fuss? Here’s how Office Depot uses social media to interact with unsatisfied customers online.

The types of issues that people complain on social networks for Office Depot are typically related to lack of availability in-store, lack of store locations in the immediate vicinity, and poor customer service representatives.

Office Depot’s Facebook page is used to promote new products and announce new store openings. They have their message feature activated for more personal interactions, however they are good with settling individual disputes publicly.

Office Depot also has a Twitter handle is also used for advertising. The Twitter page is primarily devoted to community engagement while still direct messaging unsatisfied customers hoping to alleviate the issue.

Office Depot can also be found on Google Plus which posts most of the brand’s multimedia content and is primarily visual in nature. The content on this page is primarily used for marketing. Is Office Depot using social media to its maximum potential to settle customer service disputes? Let us know.
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Filing cabinet (12/6/15)

Bought a filing cabinet online. We decided to go a different route before the package arrived. Tried returning it at my local store, but the rude manager was too worried about talking to her boyfriend and would only tell me that I should call customer service because they wouldn't return it.  View Gripe »

Senior Development (9/14/15)

On 8/19/2015 Order No. Order Number: 788411104-001 Order Placed: 08/19/2015 Tracking #: 1Z4708410318150015 Status: Delivered Proof of Delivery The order was received somewhere else, signed by somewhere or someone else but definitely not received by Towne North Tower, I called the Phillipines????? for Office Depot, can you get someone in America to answer your phones, the woman said she would re-order the supplies and ship them to us on Friday 9/11/2015. To date no supplies have been received, no one will call you back from the Phillipines and I am sick and tired of horrible customer service. I want and need those supplies and yet no one at your company is willing to help us. We are a housing development for Senior Citizens and yet Office Depot turns their back when faced with delivering us supplies that were ordered now twice!!!! I need an answer and want someone to call me back. 412 456-2169 Marcia Markley .. I asked that the other day and yet no one has…  View Gripe »

Very Frustrated (7/22/15)

Support assistance has been great. Problem is the product number 922-761, which is supposed to be numbered tickets which I have used in the past and am attempting to continue using. Tickets now have no numbers although the boxes show the product with numbers. This is a big problem and is not acceptable.  View Gripe »

Annoyed (7/21/15)

This Place Is Completely Incompetent. I Ordered A Desk And I Wanted To Bring It Home With Me But They Said It Had To Be Delivered. So I Said Fine, Whatever. No Big Deal. But The Supervisor Was Rude, The Sales Assistant Spent His Time Talking On The Phone With His Girlfriend And Ignored The Fact That We Needed Help. Then The Day Before The Delivery They Call And Say Someone Needs To Be There To Sign Between 11-1. Completely Inconvenient But We Found Someone To Stay So We Can Get The Delivery. Then On The Day They Were Supposed To Deliver It The Driver Days He Will Be There By 10 Am! So My Fiancee Had To Take Off Work To Be There After Being Told A Different Time, Which Was Frustrating. And The Driver Didn't Show Up Until 11. So My Fiancee Took Off Work For Nothing. Then I Called Customer Support. The Bunch Of Them Sounded Like Napoleon Dynamite And A Bunch Of Pot Heads Who Couldn't Even Speak Properly. Apparently The Driver Was The Same Exact Way. What Kind Of Establishment Is This!?  View Gripe »

poor communication (7/20/15)

The issue started with a phone call to exchange a damaged item. A pick up of the old item and drop off of a new one was processed on 7/25 and scheduled for 7/29. Someone was supposed to call the day before to give a 2-hour window. No call, and no pick up or delivery took place, I called and inquired and was escalated to the customer service team, then received another call for another delivery day, and again no pick up or delivery took place. Then called again and was told to wait until 5 and that the item is going to be delivered that day. I waited at home and it did not happen. Then called again, and was told to wait until 7 because delivery can be delayed, and sure enough nothing happened, then called again, and I was told delivery will happen the next day, and that I should leave the damaged item on my porch and they will let the drivers know to pick up and leave the new item at the porch. Did not happen, then called again, and was told they will check with the driver but the…  View Gripe »

lost a customer (7/19/15)

They lie. Enrolled six month ago in rewards program. As an occasional user, but significant buyer and cartridge recycler, I specifically asked if rewards points ever expired. I was mislead, points expire at the end of each quarter (3 months). Lost thousands of points to this absurd store policy. Goodbye Office Deport. So long Office Max.  View Gripe »

Poor advertising (7/17/15)

purchased school supplies and a "backpack". There are LARGE signs saying all backpacks 50% off. When the back pack was rung up, it said "LAPTOP, BKPCK, 1 $39.99" I asked the associate why the 50% was not taken off & she said, "this ain't no backpack, it a laptop case".  I beg to differ, it clearly rang in your system as BACKPACK, so she called what I believe was a manager & he said, "this is a business case, and business cases are not included". Where on earth does it say that the backpack is now a BUSINESS CASE? Again, I beg to differ. This backpack was placed on the large display --along with SEVERAL OTHERS of the same brand and style (it wasnt just a random bag left in the wrong place). I FEEL LIKE OFFICE DEPOT/OFFICE MAX is dishonest and ripping off their customers. I am a single mom trying to provide my daughter with her basic needs for school, and the fact OFFICE DEPOT felt it necessary to NOT give us the discount makes me sick.  View Gripe »

Poor customer service (7/16/15)

Today is the reason why big stores should not merge, they no longer have to be nice - there is no competition. In the past, when I went to Office Depot, I would take coupons, ads, etc from either Staples and OfficeMax, and they would gladly match the price or honor the coupon. Office Depot has now merged with OfficeMax so I guess they think they no longer have to play nice. The dreaded day came yesterday - my computer died and no, I did not have everything backed up. So, after talking to my computer guy we came to the conclusion to go ahead and get another computer and he tole me that HP was a good brand. So, off shopping I go. Since I had always gone (for the past 3 computers) to the Office Depot in Suwanee, that is where I went. I also had a "coupon" that I downloaded from Staples that was for $100 off an in-store purchase of any clearance computer of $199 or more (the one I picked out was $599). I asked my sales person if they would accept a coupon from Staples and he said yes - no…  View Gripe »

Issue was never resloved (7/10/15)

On 4/6/15 a 8:00AM I left my lap top for removal of a virus. I paid approximately $220. for removal of virus and and virus protection. Manager was friendly. I was called a few hours later and told the computer was ready for pickup. I picked it up the next morning. After one hour of working on emails the same virus returned. I returned the lab top to Office Depot the next morning (1 Yr warrantly given) to a different manager on duty. I was called that 4/11 and told it was ready. I told them I would pick up Monday early. Original manager was there, but couldn't find my charger, and asked me to come back when she could speak to the 2nd manager or compter tech that worked on it, I came back the next morning and I was told the 2nd manager said I never gave it to her. I told the 1st manager I absolutely did and was becoming frustrated with Office Depot. She sincerely apologized and said she'd call me that afternoon when 2nd manager comes in and if need be would replace the charger. No call.…  View Gripe »

Bad customer service (6/19/15)

Beware if you put money on an Office Depot - COPY CARD. I've never had a problem with the card but on May 2015 at the El Cajon Office Depot. Approximately $24.05 was wiped off the card. The manager (Linda) was rude, rolled her eyes up and said, just call the number on the back of the card. I did. It is an automated system for Gift Cards not Copy Cards. Tried to call their customer service. Was put on hold for 15 minutes by agent Christina, when she said she was unfamiliar with the card. Re-called again, the service person wanted me to re-called that automated service number. LESSON - DO NOT BUY OFFICE DEPOT COPY CARDS. THERE IS NO GUARANTEE IT WILL SAVE YOUR CREDITS.  View Gripe »