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Phone: 877-453-7591


Oberto Sausage Company
7060 South 238th Street
Kent, WA 98032-2914
United States

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Category: Meat & Meat Products
Sub Category: Food Production
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beef jerky plant (5/11/15)

I was fired for being late for a 15minute break. I have never received any kind of disciplinary action of any kind while working here. I also was very unaware of the not being allowed to leave the premises. I have been a lead there for almost a year and was never informed about this practice. I was also hurt on the job and was 5 minutes late on the same day from lunch. I understand that I should have son action taken against me but going straight to firing me instead of a write up or suspension. I was told that there are roles of protocol meaning you need a paper trail on people with disciplinary actions taken for the people... But what about my trail?. I am very hurt and confused can you please tell me if you can help me??? The address is 2960 armory drive Nashville TN.  View Gripe »