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Bank (9/2/16)

I got an email from Airbnb invoicing me for the booked property, so I made a payment to an account called Airbnb Europe service to discover it's a scam account. This was a few hours ago. Airbnb will not take responsibility of course and my bank like any bank want to open a dispute case by that time the money is on the other side withdrawn and the whole thing is pointless. The scammer's account though is in an obsecure bank in Austria that doesn't even have customer help line to call!! Oberbank. I have emailed them and tweeted but they need to investigate a scam account is under the not subtle name of Airbnb Europe Service because that's the only way my money can possibly be stopped from getting into the hands of scammers also to help to bring light to this fraudelent account. Can you help?  View Gripe »