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Warranty/ customer service (4/21/17)

I mailed my glasses in for warranty over two months ago and I still don't have a replacement pair. I've called customer service so many times -- it's absolutely ridiculous. The customer service wait times to talk to a person averaged over 30 minutes. Once we cleared up which glasses to send, they said they'll ship out in 5 to 10 business days. I called after the promised 5 to 10 business days to find out they haven't even started processing my glasses. They put a block on my order for some reason -- customer service said it was a mistake. They took the hold off and said there was no way to expedite my glasses. The original email from Luxottica (who Oakley uses for customer service) said: "Please allow approximately two weeks to service your claim." Instead, it's been two months and my glasses are still being processed. When I pay $200 for sunglasses, I expect better customer service. This is the worst experience I've had with a retailer, and you have lost a customer because of that.  View Gripe »

Turbine rotor (4/4/17)

Oakley store in kanapali Hawaii has the glasses in sore but won't sell them to me. They say the army released yet. However I can buy them online and also at sunglasses hit. Nice way to lose business.  View Gripe »

Customer service. (3/13/17)

Hello, my sunglasses Oakley Flank 2.0 were sent to warranty due glasses discoloration issue. On 01/14/2016 I shipped my eyewear to Luxottica Warranty and Repair Services Center P.O. Box 3070 McDonough, GA 30253 on 01/14/2017 and it was received on Luxotica on 01/16/2017 at 12:16pm. A few days ago I wrote to Oakley and Tina Perkins answer me with the instructions for shipping the eyewear (but it was send months ago). It has been more than two month and I have no idea what is the status on my sunglasses. I have sent two e-mails at oakley customer service and I have no answer. I am very disappointed specially since for years I have been a loyal customer owning more than 9 models of sunglasses!  View Gripe »

Online Ordering (2/28/17)

DIRECT PURCHASE BUYERS BEWARE I ordered two pair of sunglasses. A 300.00 order. I paid for two day shipping. A week later - no glasses - a tracking number that won't work - a direct 800 number they won't answer - and an email showing one pair is back ordered with a estimated shipping date that is two weeks BEFORE I even placed my order. Come on Oakley!!!  View Gripe »

The worst customer service ever! (2/26/17)

It's been more than 2.5 weeks on an order that was supposed to be delivered with in 3-7 business days. Customer service just tells me the order is still in process and there is nothing they can do. By far the worst customer service I've ever experienced. I will never order from Oakley again.  View Gripe »

order was never placed (7/22/15)

custom ordered the m2 after a week of not hearing anything call and was told this was a customized order and it takes up to 10 days, 10 day later i called and was told they were still working on my order not sure what the hold up was but should be ready soon. called 12 day in and was finally told that my carbon fiber frames was on back order and that was the hold up. my frames have been on back order and had been on back order for a while now. asked why the other reps had not told me this and he had no idea.  View Gripe »

lost a customer (7/21/15)

I am very disappointed in Oakley ! My mom bought me a pair of Oakley's and I was very impressed with them. Clarity and workmanship was great. It is customer service and warranty is the reason I am going to but a pair of your competitors sunglasses now. My mom bought me them as a gift for Christmas. Since then my mom has passed away. She never gave me the receipt which I would not expect her to being a gift. I have had them for almost a year now and the lenses are coming out and do not fit snug anymore. I contacted your warranty Dept. They were very rude and would not replace my glasses because of no receipt or paper work. I explained why I had no receipt they said that was not their problem I had to have it. Needless to say I will NEVER buy Oakleys myself now. Costas will be my next pair by the weekend !! Oakley you have let me down. I was very impressed with the quality but the warranty Dept. is what has turned me away to buy Costas.  View Gripe »

Bad, bad customer service (7/20/15)

Most arrogant group of people I have ever dealt with. Quick to dismiss product quality issues and try to pawn the problem onto retailer (who just as quickly say it's an Oakley problem). Wish they remembered their roots of product quality and performance rather than a tired, ubiquitous brand. Have spent way, way too much money on their products to be treated so poorly.  View Gripe »

Poor customer service, lost a customer (7/20/15)

I am disgusted. I have spent over $1000 on oakley products over the years and the way they handle warranty claims is just ridiculous. I bought an oakley backpack (black dry goods) for my wife. After a few months of usage carrying 4 or 4 light books to school, the bottom corner seam blew out. The bag literally looks brand new still. Took it to Oakley store where I bought it, and they would do nothing for me. They told me I had to start a claim with Oakley. I emailed Oakley and they said it will take them 4 - 6 days just to respond!!! What is my wife supposed to use to carry her books in the meantime? Why on earth would the Oakley store not be able to make this right for me??? This is expensive stuff and they really need to learn how to take care of loyal customers, because they just lost one!!!  View Gripe »

lost a customer (7/19/15)

I got a pair of oakley Deviation sunglasses in Brazil and after 6 month the frame just broke on the right side. I send to Luxottica (rep of Oakley in Brazil) and they told me that it was my fault that the fram broke. After I receive my sunglasses again I realized that the customer care of oakley check the left side which is the wrong side that I had problem with the frame misalign and warped. I was a fan of oakley's sunglasses but after this no more.  View Gripe »