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Mobile Phone Service Provider (8/6/16)

I was scammed by Playoosh who sent me an unsolicited text saying I'd signed up for a service at £4.50 per week. I contacted my service provider O2 UK who said they would refund the money and stop any further payments being made. They did not. I contacted them when I received my bill four weeks later after seeing 4 weekly payments of £4.50 to a company called "Creative Clicks". O2 refused to refund me the money stolen from my account by these scammers. All they did was block my phone from receiving premium texts and calls. I am the victim of a fraud but was made to feel it was my fault by their customer services.  View Gripe »

In store customer service (2/10/16)

I visited the Clydebank store, I need a new phone and was o.k with the refresh price. However the sales agent had no interest to the point I didn't buy a phone, and am now questioning the service. He didn't even attempt to recommend a phone after telling me that the ON SALE HTC M9 was no longer being made. There was an awkward silence as if he didn't even care. I then asked about the Samsung s6 saying asking how the battery was on it. I was met with an aye its o.k again awkward silence. I then asked if 32 gb was used for apps as some phoned partition app space he said yes. Again awkward silence. I said I wanted to upgrade I need help for a new phone. The tone and body language of the man also wearing a hoody made me question if he was actually an employee. I left. The only customer in the store . its wasnt even busy. There were 3 sales people in the store and I got that. Embarrassed to be an o2 customer.  View Gripe »

Broken Phone (12/10/15)

I got a new phone from O2 a few months ago. Around 2 months ago the camera stopped working. I took the phone into O2 Arndale, they sent it off to repair and as they weren't able to repair it I received a replacement phone. I took this replacement phone home but soon realised that it was broken too. I took it back to O2 Arndale and they sent it off to repair. They weren't able to repair this one either so I received a replacement phone. I took this replacement phone home and realised the little drawer was missing for the SIM. I took it back to the shop and was given the drawer. I took the phone home and soon realised that this phone was also broken. I decided then to go to the O2 in the Trafford Centre. I was hoping that after all this I would simply get a new phone, different model. Instead I was in there for an hour whilst the assistant filled out a load of forms and told me he would be in touch. I'm yet to hear from him. I was also informed that I won't be compensated.  View Gripe »

Contract renewal (10/27/15)

How to lose a customer, my woe being a loyal @O2 customer : #Step1: Give customer 3 different quotes for same tariff, same phone   #Step2: I ask @O2 to listen to last quote call, they advise "we will call you on Tuesday when we hear the call" still not heard from them :( #Step3 - reach out to @02 advised that they value my custom and will call me on Monday 26th to discuss poor customer service...still waiting #Step4: advise @02 that that still waiting, "we will call on Tuesday"... unless we live different time zones I still have not had my call!! Step5: @02 you guys seriously undervalue customers!! One word sums my experience with you #crap  View Gripe »

Refund issue (9/25/15)

I had a credit of £325 on my acc. This was for a deposit I paid on my handset that was repayable after I had made three month of payments. First I had to navigate the automated voice and option list. None of which had anything to do with my query. The obvious option of account info just lead me to bill payments and balance checking. Very very annoying and time consuming. There should be an option which allows you to speak to an actual human being. When I finally got through to a person. I requested the refund on 11th September and was told it would be in my account within 5 days which it wasn't. I called again (I can't remember the date) and was told it had been paid and I would have it shortly, which I didn't. I then called again on 17th September. I asked whether the payment had actually left the O2 bank account and I was told yes but it would take another 10 days to arrive in my account. I work in a bank so I know how long BACS payments take, they are same day.  View Gripe »

mobile phone contract - poor service (9/23/15)

No signal/service recently. But poor service in the whole area/city I live for absolutely years. We never got 3g and its been about for a good few yrs now. But they still charge ppl for a full 4g service when in fact there is none. Major cities/towns in the UK have great service whereas in northern Ireland (apart from belfast probably) our service is dreadful. Very poor customer service that recommends I use their 'TuGo' app over wifi to get a service I should be getting whilst out and about. The ppl of Newry are sick of their terrible service/attitude to getting it fixed. Not good enough. If someone walked into a shop and lifted a bar of chocolate. They would be in court in a matter of weeks. So how can these companies get away with robbing ppl of their money for services that dont work. Because its legislation? Its a joke. Check out this link to 2013 in the town. http://newrytimes.com/2013/10/23/o2-network-in-newry-how-to-lose-customers-and-alienate-people/ Thanks  View Gripe »

iPhone 6 (Gold) x 2 (9/8/15)

Bought two iPhone 6's (Gold) from O2 in Cross Street, Mancchester which appear faulty. I have checked with Apple and they agree they are faulty. O2 have not been at all helpful and staff member in the Cross Street, Manchester branch was verry rude. This is still not reolved and O2 don't want to know.  View Gripe »

Delivery of new phone (7/17/15)

For the fourth time I have placed an order with o2. I have paid extra for an allotted deliver slot. 4 times they have failed to deliver my phone, meaning a total of 8 days wasted sitting in waiting. O2 customer services told me it's not their fault I took time off of work and they would not be taking responsibility as I chose to stay in. Alex the customer service manager was so unhelpful and patronising. I asked him to consider how I must be feeling, especially considering I pay them £100 a month. They fail to take care of their customers and are very quick to pass the blame onto others. Currently I have paid for a phone to be delivered, it hasn't turned up and I have no idea where it is. That's my daughters birthday treat ruined!!  View Gripe »

Mobile (7/3/15)

Had no service for almost a week now! I hopefully want an extension on my O2 big bundles  View Gripe »

elvis02 arena tickets (6/25/15)

Ordered 2 tickets for elvis at the 02 arena,when checking my order today 25th june 2015 on-line and you have sent them to a different address.I have been on to customer service but they wern't , helpfull they said they would refund my money which is fine but these tickets were for my fiancee's 50th birthday present i am very dissapointed and let down by your company.  View Gripe »