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Servicing a tire I purchased (12/8/16)

Bought 4 tires a year ago and this is the third time I'm back to get them serviced. The guys here are the slowest crew eve. I came in at 1045 am and it still isn't fixed by 2 pm. The manager told me it would be a couple of hours. Well it's been 3 hours and the van has not moved since I parked it.  View Gripe »


Scheduled on line 2/13/16 for 4 tires, Goodyear Weatherhandler Fuel, 205/65R15. First appointment that was available was 2/17/16. Stated they were in stock in this particular store. When we arrived to have tires put on car they stated they did not have tires in stock. I asked if this was the case why were we not notified by phone or e-mail, which they had the info. He stated sometimes the website does not communicate with their computer. The appointment did show up though on their computer. Why does management and not check the day before for upcoming appointments to make sure these are in stock, and if it looks like their could be a problem, at least call the customer. Very poor customer service and aggravation. He ordered the tires for tomorrow morning, and I stated they better be in or I wanted to see the manager and expect a discount. He stated because this was a sale they could not give another discount. So poor customer service is okay if you have a sale going?  View Gripe »

unnecessary repairs (10/17/15)

Location is Brook Park Ohio on West 130th street. On two separate occasions while having the front end aligned on our cars, the mechanic informed me ALL the tie rods needed replacing. It turn out only one tie rod needed to be replaced. On 10/15, I was informed that ALL the ball joints were bad and needed to be replaced. As it turned out only the lower left ball joint needed to be replaced. The mechanic I had look at the car for a second look informed me the other ball joints were tight. After replacing the one tie rod and the one ball joint, the cars were taken back and received a front end alignment without any comment about the other parts that "needed to be replaced to perform an alignment". This proves to me the replacement of the other tie rod and ball joints was unnecessary. It also proves to me that because this situation happened two times it seems to be a pattern of operation for NTB to indicate replacement of unnecessary parts.  View Gripe »

oil change (9/2/15)

took my truck to nth for an oil change. A few days later my transmission started slipping. To truck to the dealer and was informed that my transmission had been tampered with. Evidently the inexperienced technician mistook the transmission drain plug for the oil pan drain plug and drained some of the transmission fluid. My transmission system can only be refilled by the dealer so ntb gave my truck back to me with the reduced fluid level. When I confronted the store manager she stated that they would turn it over to their insurance company. The insurance company denied the claim. I then talked to the regional manager and sent him a picture of my transmission drain plug that showed fresh wrench marks and he ignored me. I then contacted two different people at corporate and I am still being ignored. Ntb states that when they turn it over to their insurance company they live by that decision. Ntb. Does not advocate for me as their customer. i am only asking for cost to service my…  View Gripe »

Oil Change (10/24/14)

Went in for an oil change...they wait an hour and a half just to tell me they can't service my vehicle because of the ground effects...when I noticed they damaged the ground effects they say they didn't...questioned there integrity and the manager told me. "well if you question our integrity then don't call here or come to this store, so someplace else" Rude, Condescending, terrible customer service, overpriced, and ultimately they do not care about You. Save yourself the headache & damages.  View Gripe »