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The types of issues that people complain on social networks for the NFL are typically related to officiating.

The NFL Facebook page is very active and promotional in nature. They do have their Message button activated which means you can contact them through Facebook chat messenger, however, effectiveness may limited given a very large following.

The NFL has a company brand Twitter handle which is used for Customer Service, and seems to be quite active.

The NFL Google+ is active and used for promotion. It has a large following and is verified.

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making it so clear whose going to win (2/5/17)

Refs and the league let the patriots get away with everything just because it good for ratings and business  View Gripe »

Political Statements by players and entertainers (2/3/17)

I am no longer going to watch NFL games if the NFL does not do anything to put clauses in player contracts and also entertainer's contracts to stop players (Colin K.) or entertainers (Beyonce or Lady Gaga) from making political statements at games to include the Super Bowl. I am not alone in this matter. Trust me when I say the NFL is losing viewers by the actions of Colin and Beyonce and Lady Gafa!!!  View Gripe »

Superbowl (2/2/17)

I have been watching football since I was a young girl, and I have always enjoyed the Superbowl, but as long as you let Lady Gaga talk negative about Trump or politics I will not watch football never again. To me this is not where this is the best place for it. This country needs to come together, not go farther apart.  View Gripe »


What a bad choice for halftime. She will use the NFL to rant about Trump. I will not be watching that POS. I'm cancelling my NFL Sunday package. Get the Left Wing political crap out of the NFL, you lost me and will millions more with crap like GAGA me.  View Gripe »

Lady Gaga halftime show (1/18/17)

Please do not allow Lady Gaga to make ANY negative political comments. I just want to enjoy football! I will not watch the game if you condone this.  View Gripe »

Bad officials (1/14/17)

This year was the worst officiating ever. The NFL Referees seemed paid off and bias during b the games, made horrable calls and missed huge calls. I have been a avid fan but am boycotting the superbowl in protest this year unless it looks like the games are no longer bias and the refs are trained to make calls well. Lost me NFL. Can you get your refs to be better...ourvteams deserve fair calls for hard work and plays.  View Gripe »

Gripe (1/12/17)

Canada /Whats with using the helmets as weapons & Having a NFL TEAM IS SUCH A PRIVILEGE/ why let teams move / sell fan's out like that / BUILD UP THESE OLD STADIUMS/ OR MAKE NEW ONES / &LET THE TEAM PLAY IN CANADA UNTIL LATER THERE STADIUM IS BUILT / NFL JUST KILLED A COMUINTY/ IN SD - Football may be the best sport on earth - BUT there's no respect &alot of overpaid punks / Why in sports -Onwers let players take over -  View Gripe »

Pitts/Miami vicious hit by Dupree (1/8/17)

Pitts/Miami The hit by Dupree on Moore displays the worst side of our football game. Hits like that should bring a suspension from the game ... and the next game as well. Clean the game up!  View Gripe »

Poor NFL officials should be replaced at halftime. (1/8/17)

Annual bias against the Detroit Lion's evident by weekly momentum-killing poor calls. You are aware of this and yet choose to continue.  View Gripe »

NFL Sunday (12/25/16)

Best game of the year and I can't see it. Only on NFL network. About finished watching between protests and poor game quality. I stick to NCAa football!!  View Gripe »