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National Automotive Parts Association
2999 Circle 75 Parkway
Atlanta, GA 30339
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Driving (9/19/15)

Vehicle 433 EMD in Langley,BC was driving without caution and speeding on Logan to get onto Fraser hwy. Tailgating as well. 3:34 PM today.  View Gripe »

Lift Time Brake Pads (7/25/15)

I bought lift time brake pads at the Lorain ,Ohio NAPA Store in 2011 . I had them replace in 2014 at the same store . The calipers when bad so needed to replace them . The store in Lorain , Ohio closed . So I when to the nearest which in Vermillion , Ohio . They told me that they don't sell lift time pads and they would not honor the lift time pads. I know I didn't buy them there , but NAPA should honor the sale anywhere , if the store you buy them closes . If NAPA change its policy , then they should grandfather those who bought pads before the policy change . Sanford Bealer 39258 Parsons Rd Grafton , Ohio 44044 Phone 440 - 864 - 5553  View Gripe »