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Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs
One Jericho Plaza Second Floor - Wing A
Jericho, NY 11753
United States

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Does your bread taste a little stale? And your hotdog always cold? Here's the scoop on everything you need to know about how Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs handles customer service feedback on social media.

The types of issues that people complain on social networks for Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs are typically related to order wait time, freshness of food, price, and rude service.

The Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs Facebook page is very active and promotional in nature, but is not verified. They do have their "Message" button activated, which means you can contact them through Facebook chat messenger.

Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs has a company brand Twitter handle which is used for promotions, and does not seem to be very active.

Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs does not currently have a Google+ account.

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8 Bun Length Skinless Beef Franks (11/3/16)

First three franks all had bone chip inclusions. This rather debunks your banner of "no by products". Tossing the remainder of the package.  View Gripe »

Manager service (7/14/16)

Me and my wife arrived prior to a rain storm at 4.10pm on July 14 2016 a Thursday 5 cent hot dog day with purchase of regular price item starting at 5pm while we know we can early I don't understand why the Manger was so adamant at us waiting till 5pm....are the hot dogs thy serve different after 5pm?  View Gripe »

grilled chicken sandwich (6/26/16)

Ordered a grilled chicken sandwich at Nathan's in the Alliante Hotel/Casino. Now it appeared that the chicken had been pre-cooked and put on the grill just to reheat it and serve. The time on the grill was less than 3 minutes. Within 8 hours I had food poisoning. Never again will I eat at Nathan's. Even though the chicken is pre-cooked, it still has to be re-heated to the appropriate temp in order to avoid this. If they had cooked it for at least 3 minutes on each side, it would have been served at the correct temp and I would not be vomitting and diarrhea since early Sat morning. Need to make sure that the food is cooked throughly, even if it means using a meat thermometer. Thanks for a horrible weekend.  View Gripe »

Nathan's original hotdogs (1/22/16)

I've been craving a Nathan's hot dog for some time. Today I went to a local food store, and couldn't believe the price. It was $7.99 for a pack. How could your hotdogs be more expensive than steak? I am on a fixed income, and limited what I spend. Do offer any coupons for your product? The store I went to was : Deterdings family market. Gibbsboro Road, Lindenwold , Nj. If you do offer coupons, I truly appreciate if you could send one. Lorraine Rossiter 22 Gibbsboro Rd Apt 606 Clementon , New Jersey. 08021 856-816-1939 I appreciate your time. Thank you Lorraine Rossiter  View Gripe »

Rude employee (7/7/15)

I visited the nathans in Rockaway NJ tonight because I was craving a corn dog and the employees decided to close 30 mins early and refused to serve me. I said the mall is open until 9:30 not 9 and they still refused to let me order food.  View Gripe »

Manager and cashier rudeness and lack of knowledge (6/2/15)

I am a regular at 2 Nathans. Kings Plaza, B'klyn & Bay Ridge, B'klyn. I usually use coupons and know how much things cost. On Sun. 5/31/15 I ordered 2 dogs with a coupon from a young lady.The coupon was buy one get the 2nd for 5 cents. When the cashier gave me the receipt I asked why the price was higher than usual. She couldn't explain anything. She said I don't make the prices. I know, but she didn't understand that something was wrong. Just recently it was 4.08 for the same thing. I know that if a hot dog was 3.69 + 5 cents = 3.74+ 9% tax(.34) = 4.08. The bill was 4.56. I knew that something was wrong. After the girl would not pay attention and went on to the next customer she ignored me. The manager came over and was very rude. Remarks like "I don't make the prices" and "do you want your money back"? and "I have other customers". I said I am your customer. He knew me as a regular also. His name was Troy. I tried to get Nathans on the phone to no avail.  View Gripe »

nathans bologna and mustard (12/27/14)

My only complaint is that I cant find it anywhere ! I live in Asheville NC . Where can I get it or can I order online? Kristin Davis  View Gripe »

8 Skinless Beef Franks (10/27/14)

Bought a package of 8 Skinless Beef Franks and there are only 7 in package. Still have unopened package if you need information off it. Not happy as I'd planned on eight hotdogs for my daughters birthday party lunch and ended up having to buy pizza as there were only 7 hot dogs and eight kids.  View Gripe »

Nathan's Hot Dog (10/14/14)

Very overcooked and was barely eatable. My drink (which was ordered a coke) was mixed with diet coke. Quaker Bridge Mall Nathan's will no longer get my business!  View Gripe »

Rude employee (9/24/14)

At the bridgewater mall in Bridgewater, NJ, very rude customer service by the Iranian lady, short and pudgy, not answering questions and not listening to customers. She should be fired as To the customers after me she was talking back and saying she did not want to get into trouble regarding a slightly ripped bill. The whole place is run by The same family I believe and their boss most likely protects their job security and doesn't care about customer service. Please please look into the branch  View Gripe »