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Acton House, Perdiswell Park
Worcester, Worcs WR3 7GD
United Kingdom

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Category: Data Processing & Preparation
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domain renewal (8/31/16) renewed a domain name without my permission by using Amazon Payment service. They claim I had ticked the auto renew box on their website. However, this is untrue as I bought the domain name to sell and had no intentions of renewing the name and had not used it or accessed their website until I made a complaint. I think they ticked the auto renew box when I threatened court action. I had a terse unpleasant reply, where I was told point blank they will refuse to refund me on first contact. I feel I have been robbed deliberately, simply because they could, knowing I would have little redress and cannot prove I had not agreed to an auto renewal. Apparantly they would rather have bad publicity rather than admit their mistake and refund me. I wonder if the company shareholders will agree.  View Gripe »