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Original Saltine crackers (4/23/17)

They fall apart in the sleeve and you can not use any spread on them because the crumble in you hand . Very unhappy with the way you have started making this product . Please just make them the way maniac I use to .  View Gripe »

Lorna Doone Cookies (4/17/17)

My complaint has to do with your lack of concern for our planet. My husband ran some errands earlier today and I asked him to pick up a package of Lorna Doone cookies. They were in a box; I I have never seen them in a box before. When I opened the box, I discovered there were ten packages of four cookies each, "for freshness". Would you believe I actually own food storage containers? Those packages inside the box cannot be recycled. At least the box can. Why are large corporations intent on destroying our home? I think this is very irresponsible. I am inclined to stop purchasing all Nabisco products.  View Gripe »

Nabisco original premium crackers with sea salt (4/14/17)

I bought a box of our favorite crackers and they were broken in pieces.  View Gripe »

Pinwheel Cookies (1/22/17)

Pinwheels were my favorite cookie and I always relied on them for vacations and as a special reward to myself. I was incredibly disappointed with the new recipe change. I loved that this was one of the few cookies that had a great semi-sweet chocolate covering, which has now been replaced by a low grade tasting milk chocolate. The whole consistency has turned me off. I have read the reviews regarding the changes and was waiting in hopes that all the negative comments would bring the old recipe back, but apparently that is not the case. I have been buying and enjoying Pinwheels for MANY years, but purchased my last package 2 years ago after the recipe changed. They would many times be sold out and I would have trouble finding them on the shelves in my local PA grocery store. Now I see them fully stocked and imagine that others agree with me, feel the same and are not buying them. Please consider changing them back to the old recipe again. Thanks!  View Gripe »



ritz crackers (1/2/17)

My favorite cracker has always been Ritz, eat them every day. NOW ALL I GET IS CRUMBS. GET YOUR COMPANY BACK IN AMERICA where OUR people take pride in their work. Your quality has gone down the drain. from a very unhappy consumer---- Mrs. Patricia Dexter  View Gripe »

Pinwheel Cookies (11/9/16)

I agree with the 2 other complaints. I just bought a package. I will be returning them to the store for a refund and will never buy again unless they go back to the original recipe. The new ones are awful!  View Gripe »

pinwheels cookies (10/24/16)

i don't like the chocolate you have changed to. too milk chocolate, and tastes like cocoa. the original was dark chocolate. my daughter hates them, spit it out. we won't be buying them any more.  View Gripe »

Premium saltine crackers (10/14/16)

Rats have eaten through the bottom one of my cracker bags. They came in a sealed box so this happens at the factory. I'm discussed and worried my 10 month old baby may have eaten some  View Gripe »

Saltine crackers (8/22/16)

Love the product but would like the crackers in smaller separated bags. I buy small cans of different eats and want a smaller bag.  View Gripe »