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Leotard (1/17/17)

I ordered a Leo for my daughter for Christmas. Their return policy is 10 days. When I received it I could tell it would be too small. I contacted their customer service (via email which is the only way) and received an automated response saying they received it and would respond within 3 days. About a week later, I received an email saying they were backed up with their customer service and if my issue was resolved good. I responded it was not resolved. Same process. There is NO WAY to contact the company directly and it is very sad. Will alert everyone not to purchase from them!  View Gripe »

PewdiePie Backpack (8/27/14)

Placed order with the info on their website which stated item would be shipped out 2nd week of August, 2nd week of Aug arrived nothing so sent email with no response. Looked on their website & they changed the date to 1st week of Sept now for delivery. Sent several emails again asking where my item was still nothing. They dont have a telephone number listed either so was starting to think this must be a con. Went on Facebook & saw that I was not the only person complaining.  View Gripe »