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Phone: 888-225-8259


Majestic Star Casino
1 Buffington Harbor Dr
Gary, IN 46406
United States

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Category: Coin-Operated Amusement Devices
Sub Category: Hotels and Hospitality
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Security rude and threatening players (9/9/16)

Security April needs to be fired and not dealing with customers.She is rude and tryed threating my husband that he had to cash out and she wouldn't allow him to push his last 5 cents in a machine.She hovered over him and tryed to put her hands over him trying to be threatening and loud.Majestic casino has worst customer service ever.Her supervisor was called over and didn't do anything about this matter but apologize??Find another casino that is customer friendly because majestic casino is worst casino ever!!  View Gripe »

Gambling (6/9/15)

I never saw where they don't let u play with your money I know these machine are rigged and no one ever comes around to see if your ok I don't think I'll ever bring any friends here u just there to bamboozle people the prizes never fall And I'm there enough I should see a least someone win everybody complaining  View Gripe »