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Mortgage (10/14/16)

Absolutely horrible to work with especially when help is needed. My commute and work schedule almost matches the loss mit dept hours. Leaving at the most 1/2 hr in morning and evening to call. The only way they WILL help is by phone calls. No email, no fax and no regular beyond a mandatory letter. You can explain until you are blue in the face and nothing. Finally got a call in today and got some information regarding file. My process started in July and still not a complete package and continuously wants updated docs. Called branch to get amount I owe to bring current sent back to loss mit, I asked amount and if made at branch would they be able to get the block off to apply, no I need to call and make a payment. So they are basically forcing me into foreclosure eventhough I can pay monthly but can not catch up on 2 pyts from being out of work for 10 months. I work loss mitigation and I am SHOCKED AT THE TREATMENT OF CUSTOMERS! DO NOT BANK WITH THEM AS THEY CHANGE TERMS W NO NTC  View Gripe »

banking (2/22/16)

M and T is denying my fraud claim on the basis that my PIN was used. The total charge is in excess of $500 even though legally my liability is capped at $50 because I reported the fraud within 48 hours. They said the burden of proof was on me to prove I didn't use the card, and that they did not have access to ATM cameras (they also admitted they did not try to access them). M and T is literally breaking the law and there is legal precedent for this EXACT sort of thing, see http://mo.findacase.com/research/wfrmDocViewer.aspx/xq/fac.20060123_0000099.EMO.htm/qx Which concludes: "Therefore, banks cannot assume that they have satisfied their duty to investigate simply by concluding that the customer's debit card and PIN were used in the transaction at issue."  View Gripe »

banking (1/12/16)

see photo  View Gripe »