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The types of issues people complain about on social media for L.L. Bean are typically related to warranties, product quality, and customer service interactions. The most typically discussed products are clothing and furniture.

The L.L. Bean Facebook page is very active and promotional in nature and emphasizes an active lifestyle. They do not have their “Message” button activated which means you cannot contact them through Facebook chat messenger.

L.L. Bean has a company Twitter handle that is used for promotions and is very active.

L.L. Bean Goole+ is active and promotional. It has a relatively small following and is verified.

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Boy's Raincoat (4/26/17)

I ordered this for my grandson for his birthday. It was supposed to arrive by April 27, which would have been fine. It wasn't shipped by April 26th, so I called. The CSR was very rude, constantly interrupting me, and telling me LL Bean never said it would arrive 4/27. All this while I was looking at the confirmation email that said it would. Awful customer service. I'll never order from them again.  View Gripe »

return a product (4/21/17)

Waited 15 minutes on hold. Never used to wait on hold. Whatever consultant had you move to automated custserv did you a disservice. There should always be an out to a live agent in less than 5 min. Average hold time. You have lost my business to Orvis - and even pay more money for better custservice. I will be letting the world know this.  View Gripe »

Bed Linens (1/9/17)

I returned several bed linens and went over the amounts and the e-mails L.L. Bean sent me. I worked with Becky. I am now getting invoices for something I returned. Spoke with Laurie and she states that I own them for the item listed in the invoice. I always pay with a debit card when I purchased from them. They made me wait almost 3 weeks to get my money for other items I returned. I do not owe them money and I will not pay them. My husband drove to the Michigan store instead of going to ups. We spoke to the manager (Meagan) before he drove 50 miles to the store. The clerk at the store only took back 2 items and told my husband that she could not find any purchase records for the other items. When he came home I went online and found all of the items. L.L. Bean still owes me $34.99 for 1 other item. No one has mentioned this. They have been playing games with me since 12/23/16. PLEASE HELP  View Gripe »

Women's Clothing (8/7/16)

Aug. 6, 2015 I tried to shop items on line. When I tried to click on a garment, I got a message from LLB that page was unavailable due to LLB website problems , and if I kept getting that message, to call LLB and report it. Obviouisly, LLB’s oft stated promise of Customer Service Guaranteed, is empty and false. At LLB your satisfaction doesn’t have a time limit, seems to be false also. I called LLB to report the web page problem and inability to shop, and the first woman told me it must be (1) the program my computer was running (2) I had a cookie problem and needed to clear my cookie history and allow cookies on LLB website, and/or (3) the browser I was using. In the last year, this has happened 3 xs, and sporadically before that. I told the woman there was nothing wrong with my computer, computer program, browser or cookies. I told her LLB website said it was having a website problem and if I kept getting that message, to call LLB and report it so they could correct the…  View Gripe »

PQ259659 pants, shirt sent (2/19/16)

Called 800 number for help yesterday. Three customer representatives were the rudest individuals I have ever had the displeasure of being forced to tolerate. One actually called me a liar, saying she wasn't aware there was bad weather in NY (I am not in NY City!) because I did not want to drive 40 miles in a snowstorm the following day to UPS to return the incorrect item they sent me. I am appalled at the way customers are treated like lying idiots, beneath their bothering with, by the staff. I received a gift card for Christmas but will never order from llbean again. I will tell anyone who will listen not to do business with these superior attitude horrible people. How dare they question me and the weather where I live in the extreme North! Returning all items and uncertain what to do with their worthless "gift card" when return is finally processed. Afraid to order from these people again, surely they will send wrong items and treat me like dirt.  View Gripe »

Boots (11/21/15)

New pair of boots wore in the cold and the sole seperated. Sent photos, was told to go through some mailing back process..I don't even have receipt. why would I waste any more money when they can clearly see it's their junk with their name on it! Just send me size 11 1/2 boots!  View Gripe »

Boots (8/6/15)

Sole detached. Not what I expect from this company!  View Gripe »

lost a customer (7/22/15)

I've ordered LL Bean mock turtles and other items for years. I am sorry to say I will order no more. The black has faded terribly after one season. I have a much older one that it still black and not faded gray. You had a good product, but now, especially with the price increases, I will look elsewhere.  View Gripe »

Annoyed customer (7/21/15)

it's been a while since I've ordered by mail...was shocked when I saw my order was being sent to Albany New York.....I do business with LL Bean beacuse it is a Maine company and provides Maine jobs...what is this....  View Gripe »

Unhappy Customer (7/20/15)

I mailed a return to llbean on dec 11 and it is dec 27 now and they claim they have not received my item I used return label and ups! I simply wanted to exchange a large for a medium . I went to one of their stores with receipts and proof and they had the medium at store and they would not give me one and it is now on sale they told me to buy it ! Disgusted long term customer  View Gripe »