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Lane Bryant
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Customer service (10/23/16)

I love my Lane Bryant. The ladies working there are wonderful!! Most of them have been at the Cherry tree Lane Bryant for a while. It's so refreshing to walk into s store and feel like it's family where the girls know you and greet you sincerely!!  View Gripe »

lost a customer (7/22/15)

I received a blouse from my daughter-in-law for Christmas that she had purchased in Alabama. She also gave me a gift receipt in case I had to return it. I live in Florida and took the blouse back to the Ocala store because it didn't fit me. I was informed that I could exchange it for something else or receive a store credit for the $46 blouse but that I could not receive a refund without the original receipt. I contacted my daughter-in-law who is going to search for the receipt even though she thinks she threw it out. She brought up the point that she had paid for it with a credit card and if I got a refund, the purchase would go back on her card. What a hassle this is! How can this store hold a customer hostage like this. How can they stay in business with such a ridiculous policy. What is the purpose of a gift card? Never again Lane Bryant!  View Gripe »

Still waiting for a refund (7/21/15)

I paid with PayPal and I am still wait in for my refund. It's been over 2 months!  View Gripe »

lost a customer (7/20/15)

Ordered a few things online and nothing for properly. All items were the same size but some were right while others were ridiculously big on me. Brought back a few things to the store and now I have refund charges on my card. $12 for returning an item? 0.50 for returning an in store show purchase with tags still on it? These were not buy one get a discount item & a return fee was never mentioned when I asked about the policy. LB has lost another customer for life.  View Gripe »

Clothes are poorly made (7/19/15)

What a crock o'poo your new refund policy is. Your clothes are poorly made, overpriced and I will not be making any future purchases with your store.  View Gripe »

Frustrated Customer (7/17/15)

I think its ridiculous that I can't return an item in-store if I ordered on line and paid with paypal. I had to mail back the item and am waiting on a credit. Feom all the negative reviews I have read, I will be waiting for a long time. This unfriendly return policy shows me why I am going to take my business elsewhere in the future. Lane Bryant- you need to get with the times and treat your customers better!  View Gripe »

Frustrated Customer (7/16/15)

I returned an item to Lane Bryant in the store in late February, and was told that because I paid via PayPal, I would have to wait 4-6 weeks for my refund. It has been nearly four MONTHS, and I still haven't received my refund. This is ridiculous.  View Gripe »

Unhappy Customer (7/15/15)

Went to Williamsburg , va. With items to return with receipt, but past 60 days... A manager did not offer a in store credit , only told me they would give me 6.97 $ per item.. All items with tags , and all labels intact ... Items purchased in Cincinnati , Ohio ... I don't have a lane Bryant near my home town ... The lady I purchased told me no problem with receipt...  View Gripe »

Unhappy Customer (7/12/15)

I attempted to return on line purchased items to the store. Everything had tags but unfortunately, the printout was left in my car. I was told the items were not in the computer.They refused to help me, would not look up my order even though I told them I purchased them with my Lane Bryant Credit Card. If I had been told in a nice way with maybe a smile and an apology stating this is our policy, I would not have been so upset. I will not return to the store again.  View Gripe »

Still waiting for a refund (6/17/15)

The paypal policy is absolutely RIDICULOUS! There is NO reason that I shouldn't have received my refund. It has been 9 days and there is still no sign of MY money after the store took the dress back that I purchased. 14 days for processing is UNACCEPTABLE.  View Gripe »