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LAN Airlines USA
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United States

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Lost Luggage (11/25/15)

They lost my luggage and are making a low ball compensation offer; won't offer $$$ for anything I can't produce a receipt for nor will they respond to emails or give me a call so we discuss this matter. I understand my compensation is capped at $1,379.71 but at least give me that and a couple of first class upgrades for my trouble. This has been a big hassle because I can't replace the clothes & shoes they lost while I'm here in Chile because I'm too big (6'3", 275 lbs). Situation is compounded by the fact that part of what they lost is stuff I was bringing back to fulfill my wife's obligations as a Fulbright Scholar ($500 worth of books) and now we have to figure out how to make that happen too. In short, LAN Airline has really dropped the ball on this matter.  View Gripe »