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Men's Steel Toe Winter Utility Boots (1/16/17)

A pair of expensive men's winter boots (steel toe, leather uppers/rubber foot last) purchased years back were rarely used and stored in my closet. Upon needing to wear them during a severe winter snow storm in Colorado, the right boot rubber disintegrated within minutes and utterly beyond repair. This occurred while I was in the field and I was hours away from my home with no replacement boot w/me. While these boots were admittedly beyond the specified warranty period, it was completely bizarre that only the right boot had this issue... the left boot was as serviceable as the day it was purchased. In contacting LaCrosse Footwear customer service, a professional and courteous representative offered as the only remedy a 40% discount on another pair of LaCrosse footwear. I found this offer to be less than satisfactory and so my remedy is to notify the consumer public that warranty period or not... LaCrosse Footwear does NOT STAND BY their products.  View Gripe »