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Phone: 530-242-9027

La Rendezvous Tanning and Day Spa
1310 Court St
Redding, CA 96001
United States

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Category: Beauty Shops
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Nail/Tanning salon (6/21/15)

1824 Shasta Street, Redding, CA 96002 The owner of this salon is very unprofessional, dishonest and cheating. She told me herself that if I paid in cash, she wont have to claim any cash monies received to IRS. She also uses this as leverage to manipulate the county system to get food stamps and HUD, by not claiming monies so they believe that her business doenst make much income. She talks about everyone with bad things to say, and has NO insurance policy taken out on this business. If someone gets hurts, she has not coverage,when it is required. She stands out in front of her business and smokes marijuana with clients, and right next door to a foster care facility. She has large amounts of people come after/during hours and just sit and talk in code, which is itimidating.  View Gripe »