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La Quinta Inns & Suites
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Irving, TX 75038
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Hospitality (7/4/15)

Stayed at La Quinta Inn near SeaTac WA airport so I could catch an early flight the next day. I slipped on the bathroom tile and was injured due to water being released through the improper size/style of the shower curtain and onto the floor. Landed on my foot and badly sprained it. Told front desk what happened - filed a report. I had to be at my destination and and if it got worse I'd go to the ER there. Got back home and thought I should go see a doc and get an Xray, because my foot was not improving. LQ Risk mgr Bobby Lee called me to see if there was anything they could do. They comped my room - nice. Hotel Mgr. called to find out how I was. Whatever they could do, he said. Said I was going to see doc. he said they'd pay. Now they say they won't. May as well have called me a liar and a con artist to my face. I'm injured and insulted and should be compensated for medical bills. Lee gave weak reasons for claiming no foul on LQs part. They are endangering guests.  View Gripe »