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Have a complaint for La Madeleine? Here’s how the French café uses social media to process customer feedback.

The types of issues that people complain on social networks for La Madeleine are typically related to lack of availability of menu items (especially pertaining to baked goods) and rude wait staff.

La Madeleine’s Facebook page is very promotional in nature, and posts regular photos of new menu items and old classics. The page also announces new locations and interacts with customers in the comments section.

La Madeleine also has a Twitter handle that is also primarily used as a tool for marketing, however some customer interaction takes place here. Most of the café’s customer feedback is processed on Twitter rather than on Facebook.

La Madeleine does not have a consolidated location on Google Plus. Is La Madeleine making the most of social media in terms of satisfying unpleased customers? Let us know.
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Lack of Rotisserie Chicken (3/28/17)

I drove 45 min to have my favorite chicken in the world, only to find out that La Madeleines doesn't offer it anymore. Yikes! I hate to say it, but the RC is the only thing at La Madeleine's I would drive 45 min for. Please bring it back!!!  View Gripe »

Tomato soup and Turkey Brie (2/19/17)

Order soup to go and was not properly close so leak on my truck seat . Need to get better employees  View Gripe »

Rosemary chicken and white bean soup (1/31/17)

This will probably be my last visit to one of your restaurants. I walked in with my friends today and was looking forward to a bowl of your wonderful white bean soup-oh no! No longer on the menu-substituted with kale dishwater. OK- my other choice- Rosemary chicken-not there-sad. I am eating healthy and was glad to come in and eat-no heavy breads or greasy crusts for me. Your salads use a lot of dressing to tast good,desserts have a lot of sugar and butter is everwhere. I have been buying your chicken for years and am sorry you would remove it from the menu. Who made this terrible decision. I loved bringing home your chicken for dinner. I guess I will have to look elsewhere. Why would you remove these healthy choices???  View Gripe »

Rotiseerie Chicken (1/26/17)

I have been a loyal customer since you introduced the Rotisserie Chicken dish. I went there last night and was told that as of 1 January, it was taken off the menu. I left right then, because I have had no interest in any other dish you have offered and now offer. I can't get Rotisserie Chicken as good as yours anywhere. You have lost a very loyal customer forever and I am very disappointed that someone in your management team does not know what makes La Madeline unique.  View Gripe »

Rotisserie Chicken (1/18/17)

At a visit to the Grapevine Restaurant this evening I was disappointed and disheartened to hear that the rotisserie chicken is no longer available. The manager was gracious in his explanation and gave us a discount on another chicken dish which was good but not as good as the rotisserie chicken. That has become my dinner of choice every 2-3 weeks. It is delicious and allows me to stay consistent with Weight Watchers. I have referred other WW followers there as well. Now, we will no longer be able to enjoy our favorite dish. And that dish is the main reason my husband and I come to the restaurant and without its availability, we are unlikely to return. Patrick, if you are reading this, please get the right folks to reconsider and return the chicken I so dearly love. No other restaurant in this area does a chicken like it. If you'd like to contact me I can be reached at 817-602-8992 or Please reconsider. Bobbi Rigoulot  View Gripe »

Salad (12/28/16)

I was at the La Madeleine 520 w. 15th st. Plano TX 75075 today. I asked for medium cesser salad. there is a guy always at the Salad area. kind of middle age looks Russian. He always works against the customers. Meaning that for the money customers pays he is cutting them short. This time was not any exception. He pulled a medium size plate and gave me small portion of salad. meaning small salad. I was really mad . I asked the opinion of the person at the register & he said "yes this is a medium size. I asked for the manager. A heavy-set bull headed guy rudely claimed as manager and said "this salad is medium and continued, if I do not like it I can leave and added this is the way it is". I am not sure where this man came from , but what I know is, that he should not talk to a customer like this. secondly , as a customer looking at the restaurant representative , this man needs to be fired. What is going on?  View Gripe »

Bad Service, No Smile (12/27/16)

After reading several of the current gripes I feel somewhat better because I thought it was just me. To supplement my teaching income I work as a security officer in the Northwoods Shopping Center in San Antonio. I eat at the La Madeleine there at least twice weekly and have joined the Bonne Rewards as well. Each time I enter and approach the line I am ignored for several minutes while the employees stand around talking and eating behind the serving line. The food is always warm but rarely hot. The food is cooked ahead and once they run out of any of the types of quiches the employees do not offer to cook another. I searched for a comment page on their website (there is not one) but found this site, I honestly felt I was being discriminated as a result of my security uniform. The manager never smiles when I pay. He actually looks disgusted to serve me and when I pay with my phone his face twists in annoyance. Incidentally, their jars of Tomato Basil soup is cheaper at H.E.B.  View Gripe »

Cleanliness at La Madeleine in Kingwood, Texas (11/29/16)

I recently took my daughter and granddaughter for breakfast at the restaurant in Kingwood, Texas. We sat by the Christmas tree. The tree skirt was dirty, along with the floor tiles there. Very disappointing.  View Gripe »

Service (11/3/16)

Coit and Campbell in Dallas. When we lived in that area (years ago for several years), my wife and I frequented the LaMadeleine 2 or 3 times a day for a few years. Periodically we go back for a meal. Past Sunday evening while there I was the only one in line for service. Two staff people were nearby in the back at the salad bar, neither would even acknowledge my presence. After a few minutes, my wife walks up in back of me and then the staff attends to her - I am still ignored and still first in line. To deny someone their existence is the ultimate disrespect let alone by staff in a services industry whose very purpose is customer service. We dine out for the experience and the enjoyment that is unattainable from home and therefore if that service ruins the experience, why would we dine out. I will never set foot in that establishment again.  View Gripe »

Breakfast at Presidio Junction, Frt Worth (10/30/16)

My husband and I have always enjoyed La Madeleine but the location in North Fort Worth leaves a lotbto be desired. Breakfast this morning, October 30th was a dissaster. The chef, while we were waiting to order had a really bad atitude niticed by everyne in line. My husband ordered his usual eggs benedict. When it arrived, the only thing vaguely warm on the plate was the eggs and they were lukewarm at best. Such a shame. This is our third try at this new location hoping for it to get better but it gets worse! So much hope they can get the act together here because there is so much competition in the area, they will not survive.  View Gripe »