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Gym membership (12/22/15)

I would like to share my bad experience with la fitness today as these guys don't have any customer service. They are crook. When i signed up for membership they told me that i can access it anywhere and they did not let me in today. I paid 249 dollars upfront and regularly paying 40s dollars every month. If they run like this i don't need there services and i will tell everyone not to join there club.  View Gripe »

Monthly Bill/In-house Customer Service (11/3/15)

There was a $10 past due balance on my account that I was not made aware of. However my boyfriend had to pay it in order to get in the gym. He did so by swiping his personal card for a Only 1 Time Payment on 10/21. On 10/31 he was declined when using his card because an Unauthorized Transaction from LA Fitness was processed on 10/30. I clearly have my card on file & made sure it was in there on 10/29 by creating my account. I spoke with a Rep on 10/31 was adv to contact corporate and if anything call back M-F 9-5p EST to speak with Michelle, Operations Manager. I called Monday because I was unsuccessful on Saturday. Got the runarounds from the Rep Monday morning because Michelle was too busy to speak with me so I was promised a call back. Nothing happened for several hours. Called again late afternoon and still had to leave another message. After asking to NOT speak with the Manager I decided to call back Corporate and they adv me I need to provide my card before they can refund his $  View Gripe »

Monthly Bill/ In-House Customer Service (11/3/15)

There was apparently a $10 past due balance on my account which I was never notified of. My Boyfriend went to the gym and to get in her had to pay it. So he did by swiping his card for Only a 1 Time Payment. Then 10/31 he went to use his card and was shorted because he had an Unauthorized Transaction of $70 on his account from LA Fitness for 10/30. I clearly have my card on file and it was made sure to be updated on 10/29 before everything happened. I spoke to a man Saturday afternoon and he advised me Michelle the Operations Manager will be in M-F 9-5pm EST but I can reach out to coporate but was unsuccessful so I waited until Monday called about 10am EST spoke with a Fromt Desk Rep for about 20 mins got no where because she said if a card is used it will be charged the following month with or without authorization. I asked to speak with Michelle several times but she was too busy for me. Called back a second time Monday afternoon still too busy and left another messge. Nothing since  View Gripe »

Gym / personal training membership (10/27/15)

Whatever you do, NEVER sign up for a membership or personal training with LA Fitness -- sales people who over promise, under deliver, then worst customer service ever, no mea culpa Promised personal training 7 days / week, but they never have trainers on Sundays (the only day that always fits my schedule and the reason I signed up) Understaffed by their own admission, they often didn't have trainers on other days, either When I attempted to cancel my personal training for failure to render services, they told me I would still have to pay half the remaining balance of a 1 year commitment -- $800!!! Telephone customer service was like talking to mafia thugs My trainers were great, when I could actually get an appointment, but I have been passed across four trainers in just four months I'm not the complaining type, so this really crossed the line into awful an experience for me to turn to Yelp to write such a negative review  View Gripe »


There is a design problem with this club, in that the room where the fitness classes are held, is all floor to ceiling windows. This renders a good portion of room streaming with hot sun and making the room incredibly uncomfortable to exercise in. After numerous complaints, we were promised sun reducing window coverings, but to this date, nothing has been done. Apparently all they want to is promise things they don't actually want to deliver.  View Gripe »

Out of order (7/22/15)

I usually workout at the Alsip LA Fitness culb and I like to use the suana at that location but it has been out of operation for at least 2 weeks and mamagements states that it will be another couple weeks before it’s back in operation! So today I decided to go the Burbank,ill. club and use the hot tub it’s out of order not to mention their suana was out of action last week!!  View Gripe »

NO refund (7/21/15)

I cancelled my personal training membership on 12/26/14 and LA Fitness charged me anyway on 12/29/14, but now they will not refund the money they owe me.  View Gripe »

Unprofessional (7/20/15)

I have been trying with NO avail to speak to the Personal Trainer (Adam Bishop) that signed me up for a PT contract. Once he signed me up the guy has stopped returning phone calls and email! I called the customer service number after trying insesantly to deal with the actual location itself and got an extremely RUDE and UNPROFESSIONAL person named Bill (William). When I asked to speak to someone higher than him as we were getting no where he stated that he was the only manager and I would have to speak to him. Every one has a boss above them unless they own the company! I also work in a complaint unit and would never speak to a client in the manner I was treated!! I will be filling a formal complaint with the attorney general and BBB! This company lured me and the next day after I tried to cancel the contract they stopped responding! It has been months and they continue to take my money and I have not even used the PT service once! This company is a scam and I will not let this issue…  View Gripe »

No air conditioning (7/19/15)

I'm A Member And Akers Mill Club, No A/c For Over A Month Guys Really Need To Work On A Solution Plus Your Customer Service Is Horrible....i Called The Corp Office And The Guy Is Acting Like I Have An Issue!!!!!!  View Gripe »

Bad customer service (7/12/15)

After being a member since 04/16/07, some corporate lady called me today and cancelled my membership for me and my son. A employee told my 4 year old son and I that we were not allowed to use the drinking foutain out in the club, and was very rude in her approach to us. Two problems with that. First that is the only drinking fountain around besides the ones in the locker rooms, two I was right there with him supervising him. Since she was rude to us, I got rude back and voiced my displeasure to the manager. He evidently called corporate and they called me and cancelled my membership. Good riddance. Would rather give my business to a company with ethics, than pay another dollar to a money hungry, horrible customer service oriented rotten business.  View Gripe »