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Kenmore Elite washing machine (9/27/16)

On 1-22-13 my wife and I purchased a Kenmore Elite top loading washing machine. From day one we had problems with a UE code. Which means the load is out of balance. We read the manual, and it said that the washer would fill with water and try to level the load. If this didn't work. And it never does. We would have to level the load ourselves. We started to wash smaller loads, and the UE code would still come up. Just not as often as a bigger load. The washer has a big drum that should allow for a large load of clothes. However we can only fill it 1/4 full or it takes hours to wash a load of clothes because of having to rearrange the load. Kenmore refuses to do anything to rectify the problem because it is out of warranty. This is a poor design of a washer to have such a sensitive out of balance mechanism, and to fill it with water to try and correct the problem. I wouldn't recommend anyone buy a Kenmore Elite washing machine, because of this design flaw.  View Gripe »

30" electric double wall oven (12/29/15)

The ONLY reasoned I order this through Sears was that it would be delivered on 12/23, in time to cook Christmas dinner I checked the status on 12/23 and found that the delivery date had been changed (with notice!) to 12/27.  View Gripe »

Kenmore Elite Refrigerator (9/19/15)

I called on 9-7-2015 to report my refrigerator had stopped working with error code er rf, the person on the phone told me he new exactly what was wrong ordered the part had it sent, set up an appointment to fix it. 2 weeks later the tech comes to fix it, about 2 hours after he leaves to fridge is not working and has the same error code and now the ice and water do not work, which it was before he so called fixed it. We called the number and reported that it was still not working, no one returned our call, I called back later and this person said they had sent the wrong part and they would now have to reorder the correct part and it will be another 2 week before they can come and fix it. This is totally unacceptable that I have to wait another 2 weeks to have my $3000.00 fridge fixed when it is your company's fault that the wrong part was ordered in the first place and that after it was supposed to be fixed it is working even less than before this needs to be fixed ASAP!! 715-642-0088  View Gripe »

Very annoyed (7/22/15)

I purchase a Kenmore refrigerator that was on the floor (a display), so it was set up to Demo mode. Now is at my house stuck on Demo mode, so it won't cool. I call customer service to ask about how to deactivate the Demo mode and they told me to read the manual, which I had already done!!! She had no idea how to fix the problem and I stay on the phone with her for 1 an hour and 45 min to resolve nothing. I call the store where I purchase it , Tallahassee Fl. And the lady was very rude and told me I had to call customer service. I call customer service once again and the guy hang up the phone so I call back again and same thing happened the guy had no idea how to fix the problem and they would have to send a technician. today is August 3 and the tech can't come to my house until August 10. I have a 2 years old and it has been a chalange to keep food for her. I spend over $350.00 for protection but it was a waste of money. They have awful customer service and they do not care about…  View Gripe »

broken, after 4 months (7/21/15)

I have a refrigerator that broke 4 months after I purchased it. I made an appointment which I couldn't get for one month then the part never arrived had to reschedule for another month later (earliest appts always 1 month away). The home store in Liberty treated me like garbage, the rep on the phone hung up on me twice!!! I hope I am not stuck with a "lemon" of a fridge but it might turn up that way. Water leaking in fridge for 2 months now, what a headache. I will never purchase anything from them again.  View Gripe »

Frustrated (7/20/15)

Hi I am trying to reach the kenmore customerservice to repair my sewing machine from month always saying wrong department nobody know the number for that department .I am really upset if anyone has the best solution to call right department please let me know . thanks  View Gripe »

Good service, poor products (7/19/15)

Customer service and support has been very good, however, the Kenmore Elite refrigerator is the worst performing appliance I've ever had. I've had service 3 times for the same reason and I'm told that nothing can be done. It seems that the top shelf of the refrigerator is useless for foods that I would not want to freeze. That means, I have that much less capacity for my counter depth less shelf for storage. I would not recommend Kenmore refrigerators to anyone. Don't know how this model passed quality control.┬áMost recently, our ice maker stopped working and I'm scheduled for another service next week.  View Gripe »

Bad customer service (7/17/15)

brutal customer service!!!!! all i wanted was to get help on how to remove a filter on my dishwasher so i could clean it. Got routed to 15!!!!! different numbers for them to tell me that they could not help. Service matches up to the quality of you product BRUTAL!!!! big mistake in buying Kenmore never again and word of mouth will spread  View Gripe »

So disappointed (7/11/15)

We are extremely disappointed in the Kenmore Elite Stove we purchased. Even though we took out an extended warranty plan, Sears does not seem to want to replace a faulty part. Every year for three years I have complained about the button that turns on the element size on the right front burner. At least half of the time it won't work. I have complained to Sears and the technicians, but the technician who FINALLY gets to my house messes around with it and gets it working. It works for a bit and then stops again. Further, Sears takes a full month to make the house call. This is my LAST Kenmore appliance and my last dealing with Sears. I will no longer trust the Kenmore brand. I have never paid SO MUCH for a stove and been so disappointed, although I do like the double oven and the warmer burner. However, overall the reliability of the product is terrible and so is the extended warranty when they won't replace the part! Forget it, Kenmore!  View Gripe »

Very upsetting (7/10/15)

I bought a Kenmore about 3 years ago and I have had so much trouble with it that it infuriates me! I accepted that it would take about 45-60 minutes for a regular load to complete. I didn't like it but since I had just purchased it I didn't want to go through the whole "return it" situation. But as time went by it started tangling my clothes around the agitator and some of my towels were almost torn to shreds. I am so disgusted with this product that I will not buy another Kenmore!! I had to have a repairman come and still it does not work properly. I would love to see you replace my money or give me a new machine but since the warranty has expired I know that will not happen. Any suggestions?  View Gripe »