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Phone: 800-440-2404

Kelly Printing Supplies
P.O. Box 70600
Las Vegas, NV 89170
United States

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HP drum (1/21/17)

does not work properly, leaves a vertical line on the paper. Followed the recommendation to shake side to side and it works for about 30 pages.  View Gripe »

Ink cartridges (9/22/15)

After getting several long winded annoying calls from Kelly Printing Supplies, P.O. Box 70600, Las Vegas, NV 89170. Phone: 800-440-2404, Fax: 702-737-3005. I final gave in & said to send me (1) ink cartridge at 1/2 price for me to 'try'. Now they call every month saying that I still have more cartridges that I have not received yet to complete my original order. The 1st month it was 2 more, that was the last. The next month it was 3 more, that was the last. Now it is 3 more again, I've had enough. If they ship me more cartridges I will not pay for them, I will refuse the order if I realize what it is while the ups guy is here.  View Gripe »