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Have a complaint about Kelloggs? Here is the scoop on everything you need to know about how Kelloggs handles customer service feedback on social media.

The types of issues people complain about on social media for Kelloggs are typically related to contamination, taste, and false advertising. The most typically discussed products are the diet cereals, like Special K.

The Kelloggs Facebook page is very active and engages with consumers. They do have their “Message” button activated which means you can contact them through Facebook chat messenger.

Kelloggs has a company brand Twitter handle which is used for Customer service, and seems to be quite active.

Kelloggs does not currently have a Google + account.

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11 Reviews for Kelloggs

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Complaints, reviews, and feedback submitted for Kelloggs

rice kripie treat vending (2/27/17)

I bought a rice crispy treat out of vending machine at work. (magna engineered glass) the treat I purchased was sealed. I opened it to fond a inch by inch chunk cut out of my treat. Not bitten out.  View Gripe »

Kellogg's Raisin Bran Crunch (6/28/16)

I recently purchased a 2 LB 11.3 OZ box of your raisin bran crunch, when I poured some in a bowl I found a piece of crunch the size of a baseball and unbreakable. Purchased from Sam's club, Appleton, WI  View Gripe »

Cornflake promotional spoon (3/29/16)

The promotional spoon that was ordered months back in Dubai still hasn't arrived. I was notified of its dispatch but no follow up after that. Very disappointing. Code - 201166872A  View Gripe »

club crackers (2/22/16)

mini club crackers had 'chemical after taste'. called to complain about it . they sent a coupon for $1.25 off next purchase, as opposed to a whole box. a possible difference of $2-$3 means losing a lifelong customer forever. poor performance, bad product, arrogant lack of concern.  View Gripe »

Rice Krispies Treats (12/4/15)

I purchased a singer package from vending machine and when I opened package I found out the bar was incomplete like the machine forming the bars ran out of product. They do not offer an online complaint service so I'm stuck with a smaller bar for the same price as a complete bar.  View Gripe »

Kelloggs spoon promotion (9/27/15)

The promotional spoon that was ordered months back still hasn't arrived. I was notified of its dispatch but no follow up after that. Very disappointing.  View Gripe »

Spoon Offer (9/12/15)

Non delivery of spoon (Amy)  View Gripe »

Just right cereal (7/31/15)

Dear Sirs, Imagine my disappointment when opening my new box of Just Right cereal to find that, despite stating on the box that there are flaked almonds in this cereal, mine seem to be missing. On further inspection there is only one small sliver of almond in the whole pack. I would be interested to hear your comments regarding this.  View Gripe »

Ceral (7/5/15)

I always buy Special K but lately I find there is a lot of dust and crumbs in the bottom I expect some but there is too much and spoils it, my favourite is peach &Capricorn but end up throwing a lot away , seems such a lot of waste. Bev Lloyd my e -mail add is  View Gripe »

Personalised Spoon (6/9/15)

I must start by saying that this is not a complaint system with which I feel comfortable. All that I wanted to do was to point out that the spoon (Ref:101187939B) has not arrive even though I was told by e-mail on the 6 April that it was in production and on the 6 May that it had been despatched. Where is it and why can I not submit a simple request to Kellogg's on this matter?  View Gripe »