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sky broadband (12/14/15)

You sent me an email regarding me agreeing to accept a sky offer. I have not agreed to do anything except to continue my subscription to sky. I have problems with hearing so I do not want to chat online to someone from sky. That is not helpful to me. You have also sent me a new sky hub which I have successfully managed to instiall but why do you have to change things all the time? You also say to me that I am not using all the sky benefits I could do. To be honest with you I record progammes I want to watch and watch them at my own convenience. This works well for me. I probably watch too much television and would like to do other things with my life.  View Gripe »

Internet security (11/19/15)

I have a outstanding issue with them of 3 over payments which they took from my bank account, dateing back to 8th june2012 . I purchased on line for a 2 year security period at a cost of £39,99, in addition a video at £7.99. total payment of £47.99. They took a further 3 payments .on the 8th june £19.99. 12th june£34.99.18th june£19.99. Total overcharge £74.97. Which , despite telephone calls and months trying to get this matter resolved and have the over payments returned to my bank account. There is no way on the internet that you can approach them to get the matter resolved .  View Gripe »