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Kaspas Desserts
2 Pollards Hill East
London SW16 4UT
United Kingdom

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Poor service (2/17/16)

Today we have visited newcastle branch at 16:55 as we do atleast once a week We ordered cookie daugh, waffle and banana split sundae. The place was quiet and there were about 15 people in place whom were eating their desserts After 25 mins waiting our cookie daugh arrived by itself. Waiting further 5 mins our waffle came. Waiting longer but there was no sign of our sundae. I have gone to counter to find out where our sundae was. Then it appears they have forgotten already. We had to wait almost 10 mins till we get our sundae and we got while my first daughter had finished her cookie daugh dessert. When I spoke to Mr Shah, his reply was the place was busy which was not true and he said end of the day we are human and me make mistakes. I am so disappointed and would not back to the place again. My daughter has spoke to her friends about poor management. We shall let everyone knows about this poor service we had today  View Gripe »