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K&K Holdings, LLC
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Boston, MA 02199
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Mate Oruro Especial (3/3/16)

This company doesn't have anything in stock that is listed on it's website. I have submitted complaints to the better business bureau and the federal trade commission. The owner is rude and combative and engages in arguments with his customers and does not follow up when asked about the status of an order.  View Gripe »

Inka tea (1/15/16)

Do not order from these people. The product is lousy and over priced filled with stivia. The employees are rude when responsive and unclear with easy answers. Your package will not go out for weeks or months. They invest your money into revenue without telling you. They take orders that are out of stock. Buyer beware! The company is dishonest and a total mess bridging on fraud.  View Gripe »

Coca tea (12/30/15)

I have placed a confirmed order on Dec. 8. I have sent 7 or 8 respectful emails asking when the order will be shipped both through their website, through replying to my order confirmation from my email. I even sent a complaint to one of the owners of the company. No one ha replied or even acknowledged my emai, not even an automated response, nothing. All I want is either my order shipped or an estimated shipping date. I understand inventory issues happen. I've even indicated this in previous emails. If that's the case, I understand. A mere explanation of what is going on with a clear intent to ship when available would be preferable to being ignored. And this is not the first time something like this has happened. This is just the longest they've ignored me and the first time I've contacted the owner directly. (Other times, I've merely copied her on previous emails to customer service). This is without question the worst customer service I've ever encountered.  View Gripe »