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J.Conrad Furniture
5753 E 86th St
Indianapolis, IN 46250
United States

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Furniture (3/3/17)

This company is a LIAR and a DECEIVING . PLEASE DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY. First of all , the company staff lied about their company being several years in this business but actually, you can see here that they are operating only for 2 years. The owner/CEO/President is very rude and very insensitive too. I bought a Sauder bookcase for $300++ from them, and when my husband and I assembled it, the furniture wobbled, fell, and crash to pieces. We are very concerned about the safety of this product that we feared that if we asked for replacement of the same brand from the same company, we may endanger and risk the safety of our children in case the bookcase fall again. So we contacted them to return it. They said we needed to contact Sauder. Sauder couldn't help us because they cannot return the money since we did not pay Sauder. We paid J. Conrad Furniture. After several attempts to call and email them, they ignored my messages. Then after a month, they told me that they…  View Gripe »

Furniture (12/21/16)

I bought a bookcase from this merchant. As we assembled it, the product fell & shattered into pieces. I contacted the merchant but he refused to acknowledge the situation insisting that the product is durable. He even passed our situation to the manufacturer, Sauder but they can't refund us since we did not pay them. The merchant still refused to acknowledge my situation & stalled around. So, I contacted consumer rights agencies & my credit card company to dispute. Finally, after more than a month, he agreed that I return the item & give me a refund. I sent back the item which he received. But still he refused to give me a full refund coz according to him, I should return the whole item. I explained that I kept the shards & pieces for long but he stalled around for long. I could not keep the shards much longer coz it's UNSAFE AND DANGEROUS to keep around little children, to so we tossed them. He still accused us that how could a piece of furniture be broken.  View Gripe »