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Phone: 800-444-3354


Jason's Deli
2400 Broadway St.
Beaumont, TX 77702-1904
United States

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Category: Eating Places
Sub Category: Restaurant/Dining (Fast Food)

Social Customer Service Details

Is your sandwich not living up to expectations? Here’s how Jason’s Deli utilizes social media to connect with unsatisfied customers online.

The types of issues that people complain on social networks for Jason’s Deli are typically related to rude staff, incorrect orders, and unreliable catering experiences.

Jason’s Deli’s Facebook page is used to promote the franchise’s menu items as well as engage with unhappy customers. The account is verified and the admin is prompt with responding to customer feedback in the comments. Jason’s also has its message feature activated for more personal communication.

Jason’s Deli also has a Twitter handle which is used for marketing but is also very active when it comes to processing feedback. The restaurant chain frequently takes customer suggestions into consideration and attempts to resolve unsatisfactory experiences by offering promo codes and incentives to return.

Jason’s Deli can additionally be found on Google Plus, where they operate a page that primarily serves as a platform for advertising and less a platform for customer service.

Could Jason’s better use social media to serve its customers? Let us know.
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Drink station (6/3/14)

At the Jackson, Tn location, the drink station is laid out all wrong, causing people to get in each other's way. You get ice, step to the right to get a drink, go all the way back to the left to get a lid, then all the way to the right for a straw. Someone is always having to move out of the way.  View Gripe »