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Jamaica Blue
Unit 215F1, Building 215, The Entertainment Quarter, 122 Lang Road
Moore Park, NSW 2021

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food - Pumpkin & Spinach Lasagne (10/27/16)

I had lunch at this cafe today - the pasta was the consistency of corn chips and found only 2 small pieces of pumpkin. I was unable to cut the lasagne with a knife. This is the 2nd unsatisfactory meal I have experienced at this cafe - avocado & salmon on toast - avocado was rotten black. The coffee is great - a pity I will no longer be dining at this cafe  View Gripe »

Ssrvice (5/9/16)

Jamaica blue (Murdoch) Fiona Stanley hospital I'm in & out hospital with rare blood disorder go in a week at a time. Go in late afternoon on my way home for a toasted ham & tomato sandwich with pepper only, to eat on train going home when I got to the train opened to eat I found it did not have pepper and washed in mayonnaise one thing I hate it was to late to go back so I gave it to the dogs Couple of weeks later go in with my wife ordered 2 coffees 2 cakes simple order but they got it wrong again They always rush the order and skipped a cake even though they didn't charge not the point I ordered and when asked they were not very accomodating I have sent 2 emails to Jamaica blue on the website and after 2 weeks they have not bothered to contact me in any form Is this a business that should operate and dictate what you order to what you receive in an area of high volume of sick people it is really pathetic how they treat customers Try to rush and not responding to emails  View Gripe »