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Download 'Photoshop Secrets' Videos (4/30/17)

I purchased this download a couple of weeks ago but it only downloads as a corrupt file. I have tried to contact Jake Olsen multiple times with no response, seeing others have had the same issue this is clearly a scam by this poor excuse for a photographer.  View Gripe »

False Reviews of Weatherguard Inc (4/6/17)

Hi, I'm Andrea Brinegard. I work at Altar'd State. In my spare time I left a few bogus reviews of a Nebraska company on google. Feel free to contact my employer about my hobby  View Gripe »

Photoshop Secrets Tutorial (3/24/17)

I purchased this on facebook. The Zip file does not open. I get the following error: Windows can not open the folder. "The Compressed (zipped) folder 'C:\Users\Daniel\Downloads\Photoshop-Secrets.zip' is invalid". I have tried it on a Windows 10 and Windows 7 computer. Also, the Nebraska Skys photos are all blurry. Guess I wasted that $7.99. I attempted to contact them, but their website was just barely functional. You get what you pay for.  View Gripe »

Video tutorial (3/19/17)

I bought it for $4.99 on a facebook ad. Yup, for $4.99 I bought a piece of crap. It's NOT a tutorial, it's a video recording between him and one of his students. Each video is 1.5 to 2 hours, full of small talks, idle moments, bad internet connections and trouble loading lightroom and photoshop. The ACTUAL content itself is probably 30 mins or so. I learned NOTHING new in the end. Honestly, DON't BUY IT. It's not worth YOUR TIME.  View Gripe »

Photoshop secrets and nebraska skies (3/19/17)

I bought this crap today and downloaded the photographs first. As you can see from the example, a blind man with autofocus could have done better aiming the camera at the sun ! This guy is a professional ? Not sure that he has much to teach me !  View Gripe »

Photoshop Secrets and Nebraska Skies (3/8/17)

I bought this crap two days ago and have been trying to download and open it, total WASTE OF MONEY! It won't open! So pissed!  View Gripe »

tutorial (2/6/17)

it is a scam. the downloaded zip won't open.  View Gripe »

Tutorial (9/20/16)

The so called "tutorials" are just screen recording of the webinars of him and other student. I have no problem if he mentions it is just a screen recording, but he market it as high quality mater class...... The sound quality is bad, video quality is bad and there are a lot of interruptions. Honestly, save your money to buy materials from places like fstopper, unless his tutorials are on heavy discount.  View Gripe »

Photos (9/12/16)

Went to get portraits of my family done,because I heard he was as good as olen mills. He insisted on photographing my hairy, male anus repeatedly before doing the rest of the shoot  View Gripe »

photography (3/16/16)

It seems like Jake rallied his troops to write fake reviews to deflect from his recent publicity. Let me tell you about how he treats actual clients. We hired him in 2015 for a family photo. He insisted we shoot at sunset even though my daughter is crabby at that time of day so things were already a nightmare. We arrived just a few minutes late and I had my folder of photos I'd picked out from Pinterest and he said he didn't want to look at them. Wasn't I paying HIM to take OUR photos??? He posed our kids and wasted all this time (and he is really expensive) shooting from really far away, I mean, I have a Rebel, I know you don't have to be that far back. He had to have taken 1000 photos, but he only would let us have a tiny percentage of them. What was he going to do with all of those? I could just have had my friend, who is a MUCH cheaper photographer, photoshop the rest. Then it took MONTHS to get the photos back. Do not recommend.  View Gripe »