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Jacobs Bailiffs
4 Europa Boulevard
Birkenhead, Merseyside CH41 4PE
United Kingdom

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Category: Adjustment & Collection Services
Sub Category: Financial Services (Non-bank & Insurance)
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parking ticket fine (7/10/15)

outstanding parking fine that ended up totalling £82.00. I offered Jacobs agent the money which I had no dispute about, he declined and proceeded to tell me I owed him £420 pounds which he then demanded be in his possession within 20minuites or my car (estimated value £7500) was being removed. He clamped my car and blocked my drive. May I also add that this so called agent was approx. 6ft 3" tall and of huge muscular build (I myself being 5"5 and weighing in at 7 1/2 stone). I asked him for paper work that legally stated I owed the said amount, which he couldn't produce. I rang the police because of his aggressive and intimidating manner. The police although quite powerless in such matters were extremely helpful. I got a stay of an hour to get the funds together while I was within the time limit he actually tried to take the car and police stepped in.  View Gripe »